Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Oct 11, 2011 Minutes
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 01:39:47 -0400


  1. Accountability

How to create accountability for DA as part of an overall transparency strategy for affinity group actions?

How not to alienate our allies? 

Emphasizing security culture versus providing information to create informed participants?

The Saturday banner drop was not a DA.

Proposal:  DA asks to have connection with all the affinity groups. Not hierarchical.

2.  Training

There will be a training at 4pm – at the red tripod/ cube.

Non Violent Direct Action trainers training 10AM at the cube.

Trainings will cover: What is DA, legal scenarios... and more!

3. Facilitation of marches

Thus far pacers training/call for pacers an hour before the march. Then brief the group before the march.

Concern that marches and other actions are being hijacked by individuals who are not part of DA planning processes.

Need better communication between pacers.

Washington Sq Park march back to Liberty Plaza was not a DA facilitated march.

Should DA be responsible for getting people back to liberty park every time there is an outside action?

4.  Sub-Working Groups

A sub-group was proposed and agreed upon to revisit guidelines and practices for facilitating marches.

A sub-group was proposed and agreed upon to bottom line marches specifically, this would be rotational.  

A sub-group was proposed and agreed upon to develop a proposal on how the DA working group is structured, to allow for expansion, affinity groups and more diversity of tactics.

5.  New Meeting Time:

Monday - Friday and Sunday at 2PM.  Meet under the red block across from Liberty Plaza.  The group will then move to off-site.