Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Raising money through for an "affinity group"
From: Tim Pool
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 10:08:57 -0400

Im wondering why the donation button redirected to a wepay page for an affinity group.
There were a couple complaints on the page from people and then the wepay closed
and is now redirecting to NYCGA

I dont see why any of these requirements couldnt go through the $45,000+ general fund
Was this an attempt to bypass GA for financing?

If this was approved by GA then ignore this, but if it wasn't its highly suspect and I suggest all money raised be
transferred immediately to the general fund.

Lets not forget TAXES are an issue.

What makes me question this attempt to raise money is the fact that we have a fiscal sponsor for the sake of tax status and this wepay
is not tax exempt.

I dont care if you want to raise money for yourself, whether it be for new shoes or a shiny new bicycle, but I don't think its right to use to do it.