Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Re: Mobile Resource Page on new site?
From: Jakedeg
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 00:06:36 -0700 (PDT)
To: internet working group

Thanks to both of you for your thoughts. Nate - great to hear from you
on here. Have you been down at the Plaza? We'd still love to get in on
some of your infrastructure gear. And it would be great to meet you.

Regarding the mobile resources page on the new site. Good call. I'll
add it now. Your help in populating it would be greatly appreciated
it. If you'd like to write up some copy (as plain text or HTML) and
post it here, or send it to me, we can start that way.

Jonathan - thanks for the offer. We would love to take you up on it.
Have you had any experience working on mobile versions of wordpress
sites? Our 2.0 site is based on wordpress and buddypress and
we are definitely going to want to make it as mobile-browser friendly
as possible. There are some wordpress plugins that specialize in that,
but I'm sure your expertise will come in handy. Right now, our main
focus is on getting the core site online, but one that is done, the
mobile version won't be far behind.

Please stay in the loop and in contact!

On Oct 9, 5:54 pm, hipster replacement <>
building and requesting approval for a native app is tantamount to
inviting at least 2 major corporations - the device maker and the
phone company - completely into what ever anyone does inside the app -
including ad streaming and data mining / tracking of every activity.
Please consider this as you think about the apps.

I am an expert on the mobile user experience, particularly with the
browser as the centerpiece. I am at your service for mobile web
strategy, including mobile optimization pages, web and apt
interactivity, and multimedia / content delivery. If you want to shed
dependence on corporate hegemony, mobile web instead of or in addition
to apps is a good place to start.

Jonathan Thaler
Founder, When I'm Mobile

On Oct 9, 10:02 am, Nathan Freitas <> wrote:

Is there any plan for a page on the website that lists all the mobile
tools and services that could be helpful for #OWS participants?

Either way, I would like to help design, curate or just get it down.

This would include apps like "I'm Getting Arrested" and ObscuraCam (for
protecting faces), as well as information on how to use Vibe and other
group messaging tools, and links to mobile optimized resource pages for
the site. It would also include training guides, materials about use of
mobile tech during protests, for organizing, etc.

This could then be printed and posted in real life, so that people can
tap into the tools they need on the street and on the go.