Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Re: Serious issues at Zuccotti
From: Jakedeg
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2011 23:59:28 -0700 (PDT)
To: internet working group


Thanks for your concern. As you'll see all over this google group. we
are busting ass as best as we can to get a completely new, re-designed
and re-imagined online. We are painfully aware of the
shortcomings of the current web presence and the ticking clock. We
live it every day. Please know that we are doing everything we can to
get things fixed as quickly as possible. If you are a skilled
wordpress programmer, or know any, please have them visit
and sign up to help us put the finishing touches on the news site.

And yes, sanitation will be featured on the new site, along with all
other working groups. I will be attending Coordination Meetings for
the next three days and prepping all working groups to send a
representative to be trained on and familiarized with the new site
Wednesday night. If you want to know more about our progress, you can
review minutes from past meetings.


On Oct 9, 2:34 pm, Andrew <And...@TheHumanChannel.Org> wrote:
I agree with everything here whole heartedly EXCEPT the part about  
policing people, that is NOT what WE need to do. Even if i agree with  
positive cultivation I would never use the word policing ourselves,  
that is one of our main PROBLEMS is unsolicited advice and  
authoritarianism. If people want to try to uphold drug laws or sex  
laws that causes death suffering and costs billions or whatever else  
in a DOMINATING way, instead of a caring way, then people can take  
that fight elsewhere.

I would suggest everyone staying at the park be involved in a working  
group so let's go reach out to them!!!!

BUT sanitation isn't even on the website, nor do people have  
a CLUE that that's our main website!! I met someone last night who did  
the working group update for media and didn't even know what  

INFO AND INTERNET: I say it time and time again, if you cannot keep up  
on week 3 please drop EVERYTHING and get into that park and online and  
recruit one of the thousands of people who want to help this movement.

If I hear about one more donation that isn't made public by the person  
receiving it or information halting with the first person that hears  
it I'll go postal.

Thank you mike and everyone for making a revolution :)


On Oct 9, 2011, at 10:01 AM, mike wrote:

I was there Friday night.
There are some unsettling problems coming towards park occupation.

1 the sanitation needs to be addressed.
clean that place up. you can higher companies to pull the waste out  
of there.
2.policeing the park

The web site?
the form on the wed site should be dealing with ONE THing And One  

when the GA is over second are working groups.

#3rd after that is a constant surveillance and interviewing of  
people interested in discussing the "agenda" NOT for instance what  
the current bathroom problem is.

THIS needs to happen soon. The current site (thank you for starting  
it Person X) is not working. I learned more about what is going on  
from the NY times and NPR.
I beging to wonder if you guys/gals are capable at pulling this for.

Time is ticking
there are lawyers right now trying to get you out of there  They  
will find a reason.

There are un-positive freeloaders/ unfocused spectators that will  
give the lawyers a meson to come in there,

Can you need to clean that place UP!!!!

Your are going to lose that space do to a technicality!