Subject: Fwd: Re: [progressiveexchange] [NYCGA Internet] Request for immediate assistance: Zimbra deployment and administration
From: Todd Grayson
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 14:42:17 -0600

Forwarding to lists as a zimbra admin has offered his considerations as well:

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Subject: Re: [progressiveexchange] [NYCGA Internet] Request for immediate assistance: Zimbra deployment and administration
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 16:40:06 -0400
From: Keith Hall <>
To: Todd Grayson <>
CC: Martin Kaminer <>, Jake <>, Devin Balkind <>, Drew H <>

We went through the Build-vs-Buy discussion with the folks at the Brady Campaign before we decided to purchase a perpetual license for it for 50 users. I never once used the support that was included since most of the questions I have had were answered in their forums.

I have been running Zimbra for myself (with several hundred virtual client accounts) since version 5 which I believe we began using 4 years ago. Before that we were using a homebrew system where we manually compiled Postfix, Cyrus-SASL, Courier-IMAP and SquirrelMail/RoundCube.

There are pros and cons to running the open source and licensed versions.The licensed versions comes with the migration tools which was essential to use as we had to move about a million emails and archives dating back to 1995. It also offers a nightly internal backup. It all depends on how technically savvy you are should you wish to switch administrators.

You are correct that you will need a dedicated server. Brady, having a few million e-mails, is running on a RAID5+1 (3 drives plus 1 hot-swappable) with a total storage capacity of 1.5TB, 4GB of RAM, nightly incremental and weekly full backups to tape and UPS. We host it at a facility in San Diego.

Once set up and running Zimbra is pretty much a "hands-off" program. It requires little care and feeding outside of maintaining updates to the server and patching Zimbra as releases come along.

The only issues we have encountered is with the Connector for MS Outlook having some quirks working with Outlook 2010. Most of the Brady employees use the web interface or the Zimbra client. The integrated e-mail and calendar has changed the way many of them work since the Groupwise solution was, well, "weak" - and that's being extremely generous.

We also enabled the (hidden) instant messenger which some use through the web client, some use iChat/Trillian/Pidgin. And everyone swoons over the mobile interface and easy integration with iPhone. Android has a known bug in it (version 2.2.3 does, at least) that causes it reject valid SSL certificates so you cannot get past the account setup screen. KMail (free) will work fine with it.

That may be way too much information but I feel it's best to know what you're getting into. I am a fan of Zimbra and would recommend it to anyone looking for a robust collaboration system. It's not just e-mail. The calendar, address book, briefcase and Zimlets (add-ons) are amazing. Plus no one reads your e-mail (I'm looking at you, Google) and when something goes wrong you can actually call a Real Human Being and find out what the problem is.

If you have made it this far and you want to know more my Tuesday is booked pretty tight. Wednesday afternoon after 2PM is wide open.



P.S. If you want to try-before-you-jump in I can arrange to get it set up on a server for you for $175 per month. That includes setup of a low-end server and installation of Zimbra open source. We can put it on one of my parked domains and you can get the feel of the administrator and client sides.

On Oct 10, 2011, at 4:08 PM, Todd Grayson wrote:

A zimbra administrator!! Awesome, I was concerned that we would not be able to find people experienced with it!

Keith, if you don't mind, take a look at my previous comments on build vs buy on zimbra from the list (attached e-mail) and comment back to the working group on your thoughts as you can add perspective on the discussion.

Reply-all with any thoughts on build vs buy on zimbra, and managing it in general. How much ongoing support did you find yourself having to do with it once you were up and deployed?



On 10/10/2011 11:11 AM, Martin Kaminer wrote:
Thanks Keith. I'm ccing Todd here as he's the person who's most involved with this. I know they were reconsidering whether they did in fact want to go with Zimbra or not, maybe if nothing else you can help them make the right decision.

Much thanks,

Martin Kaminer

On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 11:54 AM, Keith Hall <> wrote:
My company uses Zimbra and we recently deployed it for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence upgrading their GroupWise system to Zimbra.

Please let me know if we can help.


On Oct 9, 2011, at 10:53 AM, Martin Kaminer wrote:

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From: Todd Grayson
Date: Sunday, October 9, 2011
Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Request for immediate assistance: Zimbra deployment and administration

If anyone has experience with zimbra administration please notify the list.

(assuming most of you are not on the Occupy Wall Street Tech list, Todd's email is tgraysonco at gmail. If anyone has this expertise it would be of tremendous benefit to the OWS/OE movement)

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