Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] I want to help
From: Todd Grayson
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 19:07:32 -0600

Troy thank you for reaching out to us.  There is a financial working group that is working on donation handling I believe.  We truly appreciate the offers of the domain but can not accept it right now!  We have a current issue with the spawning of a large number of domains in support of the movement, which is both exciting and daunting!

You can join the list to monitor calls for resources as well as keep an eye on the NYC general assembly activity in support of the wall street protests here.

And more work is being done every day!

Thanks for your support!


On 10/10/2011 1:17 PM, Troy Davis wrote:
I have a disability and am trying to do what I can for the cause.  I have seen many with needs such as mine that live on very little from the government.  I myself am a lucky one that has been able to provide for myself, however because I make over a certain amount (not much...I can't remember the threshold); I have had to make decisions that compromise my health.  If I made a lot less, then I would qualify for funding of procedures that are required.  I almost had to close my business in order to qualify!  This is so stupid and flat wrong!  Luckily I had family help, which most do not have.  I registered the domain years ago and bought with the hope of helping out those less fortunate some day.  I believe today is that day, and want to donate the domains and my time.
Troy S