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Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 15:04:00 -0400

I have used lighthouse:

30 days free and pretty cheap after that

Here is a comparison sheet that has some free options, esp. for open source/non-profit activities

Quoting Matthew Bralow <>:

here's one solution that was posed...
ows solutions / internet working group:  is this option being
implemented?  how long would it take to set up? any other solutions
being explored/implemented?

we really need something like this ASAP!

On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 12:06 PM, Matthew Bralow <> wrote:
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From: Evan Wagner <>
Date: Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 4:53 PM
Subject: [Ows_solutions] OWS FLO Working Group MEETING MINUTES
(complete)- Sun. Oct. 2, 2011
To: ows_solutions <>

Hello All,

My name is Evan Wagner, I participated in the meeting and took
minutes- please let me know if there is anything in need of
modification.  This format is a work in progress, any suggestions are
welcome- perhaps a spreadsheet form would be better, I don't know- I
have found them useful in the past.

Here are the complete minutes:

Location: Liberty Square, NYC- GA bench, to Halal stand (due to lack
of space), to under scaffolding (due to rain)
Time: @ 4:15 pm
Purpose: Daily Meeting
Eric MacNeil
Tyrone Greenfield
Maneswar Cheemalapati
Branden DelCastillo
Scott Rinehart
Sander Hicks
Orie Steele
Michael Gendreau
Ted Schulman
Michael Esperson
'Young' Ted (left to attend to emergency)


1.  Discussion: Creating development interchange for multiple code languages.
Resolution(s): Use sub-version, specifically- GIT hub

2.  Discussion: Direct hosting of hub.
Resolution(s): Devin has two donated 'blade' wiki servers, but need
internet backbone access
ACTION ITEM: Maneswar to confirm ability to provide connection at his
office.  Otherwise, other options?
ACTION ITEM: [unassigned] to explore possibility of receiving funding
from GA for service costs.

3.  Discussion: Collaboration with FreeNetworkFoundation
Resolution(s): Ongoing (someone want to add notes?)

4.  Discussion: Adaptation of BitCoin as secure precedent for possible
new OS virtual currencies.
Resolution(s): Drupal modules exist to integrate into
Ability to directly copy code and cryptography from BitCoin.
ACTION ITEM: (Tabled until decision made to go beyond gifting on site)

5.  Discussion: On site data collection schemes- "Opinions about
what's going on at Liberty Square from people there", as well as
'Offers' and 'Wants' for Permabank.  Possibility of geo-data
Resolution(s): Paper-based collection to be kept to minimum, but still
necessary.  Deploy dedicated laptop- Online: with google forms and
export .xls files, Offline: version of google forms available offline?
Host laptop local website to collect data?
ACTION ITEM: Orie to find those answers, Ted S. to coordinate.
Can offer geo-data integration only if desired.

6.  Discussion: Bit Verticals
    A: Permabank
Resolution:  Go to Working Groups directly to assess offers and wants,
discuss possibility of 'user points' system, i.e. currency, with
deployment of store of locally produced, donated goods and services-
be clear that this is ONLY A SUGGESTION, as we do not want to monetize
something that doesn't need to be.
ACTION ITEM: Devin and Evan to coordinate with other Working Groups
    B: Information Feed Consolidation- RSS, Twitter, etc.- Yahoo
Pipes presently offers good option for RSS.  Twitter consolidation
possible. for both Twitter and Facebook.  Diaspora suggested as
open source option for social networking platform.  CRM back-end
proposed for constituency and consensus management.  Must integrate
with Media Working Group directly to coordinate their feeds.
ACTION ITEM: Orie to set up Yahoo Pipes, coordinating through Devin onsite
ACTION ITEM: Mike to work on Twitter consolidation and use of
ACTION ITEM: Devin to look further into Diaspora use.
ACTION ITEM: Ted S. to look further into CRM use.
ACTION ITEM: Eric has experience media feed formatting to assist
[unassigned] in interface with Media WG

6. Discussion: FLO Working Group specific 'Offers' and 'Wants'.
   A: General- Offers: Provide template for User Guides for other
Working Groups, close coordination with Internet WG (possible joint WG
meeting Wed. Oct 5), facilitation of deployment of Sage's on site
habitation solutions, continuing to build neural network of OWS/OE...
Wants: working space near site, ability for all group members without
smartphone to receive emails, Drupal developers to join group and help
doc-out CommunityForge for complete autonomy, SCRUM manager,
Production Manager, support from existing FLO entities- ACTION ITEM:
Devin and Tyrone to reach out to Linux, EFF, etc. for logistical and
financial support; ACTION ITEM: Nick to work on deploying Kickstarter
in Drupal.
   B: Devin- Offers: Generating email Lists, coordinating solutions,
providing logistical support from my office.
Wants: People who want to run workshops on FLO, permaculture, etc.
   C: Maneswar- Offers: Host server blades (see ACTION ITEM above)
Wants: [unspecified]
   D: Ted- Offers: Community outreach, political mobilization. ACTION
ITEM: Working on getting us working space.
Wants: [unspeciified]
   E: Tyrone- Offers: music, technical writing, production management
Wants: [unspecified]
   F: Eric- Offers: Hardware specification and management, mechanical
Wants: [unspecified]
  G: Nick- Offers: Drupal development, open-source industrial
applications (brewery/energy generator)
Wants: [unspecified]
  H: Ivy- Offers: Possibility of being Production Manager
   I: Evan- Offers: Meeting facilitation, coordinating solutions,
conceptual framing, presentation design (Inkscape/Sozi),
Permabank/LOkcal sharing/currency system, massages, jokes and humor,
percussion playing.
Wants: Typist for meetings (?), to keep this movement thriving and growing....



Ows_solutions mailing list

On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 10:49 AM, Matthew Bralow <> wrote:
i think there is a technical team that wants to implement some type of
workflow / ticketing system where people can post volunteer needs and
someone can sign up to take care of it online and then follow-up and
close ticket when done.  kind of like what IT and customer service
departments use.  technical team:  i am cc'ing..  can someone please
coordinate with outreach, information and other working groups that
can utilize this system? how soon can we get access and training?
will there be an area where public volunteer opportunities can be
listed and anyone from the public with time and energy can sign up and
get needed tasks done, and update the ticket themselves?  matt

On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 10:35 AM, Amy Offner <> wrote:
Matt and Jesse,

Just wanted to check in and see if there had been any decision about the
ideas below.

Also, I'm happy to see that the OWS Journal has been translated into
Spanish.  If you need more materials translated, I think I could round up
some Spanish-speaking volunteers to help.


2011/10/3 Amy Offner <>


Thanks for your note.  I think it's a great idea for the committees to
come up with work for volunteers to do.  When I've been at OWS I haven't
seen individual information tables for each committee, so it might be
clearer to passers-by if a central list was kept at the main information

Thanks for bringing this to the GA.  Keep in touch and let us know how we
can help.


2011/10/2 Matthew Bralow <>

amy, several other people actually had this idea too and i was going
to propose it! perhaps each committee (if relevant) can come up with a
list of things that volunteers from the general public can help out
with.  keep the list updated and have a copy at their respective
information table as well as ONLINE on our website(s)!... will propose
at next GA that all committees put a list like this together.  i know
many people have been doing a lot of work to make this movement
happen, but it seems a lot of people are simply hanging out at OWS...
which is ok, but it would be nice if they could be ENGAGED in
something that will help the movement grow!  this can be a way to
immediately get people signed up and put to work.  other people's
thoughts?  matt

On Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 6:02 PM, J.A. Myerson <>
> Great ideas. Anyone want to liaise with her about implementation or
> whether
> some of these are already being done? I'm too out of the loop.
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> From: Amy Offner <>
> Date: Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 9:17 AM
> Subject: Volunteer coordination
> To:
> Cc: Austin Guest <>, Matthew Skomarovsky
> <>, Yesenia Barragan <>
> Hi Jesse,
> I'm following up on our conversation a few nights ago about creating a
> system for integrating short-term volunteers -- people who drop by for
> an
> hour or two and want to help out.  You asked for a proposal that you
> could
> take to the general assembly.  My friends Senia, Matthew, Austin, and I
> (all
> on this email) came up with the idea below and are happy to help
> implement
> it.  All of us work and can't be at the occupation all the time, but
> can
> contribute some time to getting this up and running.
> The basic idea has two parts:
> I. On the website, prominently list things that people can bring as
> donations, including:
> - Materials to make noisemakers (empty laundry detergent bottles with
> pennies inside, etc.)
> - Food, utensils, napkins
> - Money
> - A ream of paper to make leaflets
> - Art supplies
> - Hand sanitizer
> - Umbrellas, ponchos
> - If they have any credit card offers they received in the mail, bring
> the
> postage-paid return envelope.  People at the occupation can write a
> letter
> to the bank and drop it in the mail.
> II. Expand the welcome booth on Broadway, and create a second one on
> the
> other side of the park.  Add a big sign overhead reading "Want to help
> out,
> but only have an hour? Be a short-term volunteer."  Have a 1-page
> handout
> ready with a list of things people can do.  The handout can also
> include a
> list of nearby public bathrooms and the name and contact information
> for one
> person from each working group.  At the table, there should also be
> supplementary materials needed for different tasks (materials listed
> below).  Tasks could include:
> 1. Phonebanking to enlist support from organizations and public
> figures.
> Give volunteers a list to call, and a list of actions they can ask
> supporters to take -- for instance, add their name to a public list of
> supporters, speak or perform at an event, turn out members to an event,
> write a blog post or letter to the editor, make a donation, etc.
> Groups to
> call: labor, immigrant, civil rights, civil liberties, LGBT, feminist,
> environmental, housing, and politically active religious and arts
> groups.
> 2. Phonebanking to solicit food donations from restaurants,
> supermarkets.
> 3. Leafleting at Zuccotti Park and bank offices in Lower Manhattan.
> 4. Photocopying leaflets
> 5. Cleaning
> 6. Calling public officials (local, state, and national) to express
> support
> for the protest and complain about police brutality.  Give people a
> list of
> numbers and suggested talking points.
> 7. Calling media to ask why they aren't covering the occupation.  Give
> people a list of numbers and suggested talking points.
> 8. Outreach to businesses around Zuccotti Park that might not
> understand
> what's going on but could become allies.
> 9. Making public art to spread the occupation's presence throughout the
> city.  For instance, if the table had a simple stencil design for
> posters
> reading "#OccupyWallStreet," short-term volunteers could make copies to
> take
> home, hang in their windows, and give to their neighbors to do the
> same.  Or
> provide templates to write acrostics about banks.
> 10. Holding umbrellas over people and equipment to allow work to
> continue in
> the rain
> 11. Calling high-level bank officials to express support for the
> occupation.  Give people numbers and suggested talking points.
> 12. Make T-shirts reading "I want this bank to pay its taxes.
> #OccupyWallStreet."  Volunteers can put on a T-shirt, walk into a bank
> in
> the neighborhood, and do a variety of things (ask to speak to the CEO,
> ask
> to see the bank's financial statements, ask to open a checking account,
> whatever) until they get thrown out.
> 13. Buying food, umbrellas, ponchos
> ----
> Thanks for everything you're doing.  Let us know what you think and how
> we
> can help.
> Amy, Austin, Matthew, and Senia
> --
> J.A. Myerson
> 347.688.0241