Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] Re: People of Color working group add to website
From: Todd Grayson
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 18:54:39 -0600


No one can control what you are receiving, the internet working group it is an open e-mail list, you can modify your preferences to limit the e-mail to 1 summary e-mail a day, or chose to unsubscribe altogether.

Please go to the google groups interface, you can specify your mail preferences there.

on the right hand end you can click "edit my membership" and modify/remove yourself from the group.  This is not a news annouce list.  Its a working e-mail thread for folks releasing the next set of online tools. This is an active communication thread with a number of new users mailing to the list as they join.  We have been requesting technical assistance and folks will come onto the list and announce their willingness to help through this list, which we are taking note of and trying to respond as quickly as possible.  As we aggregate technical resources like web developers, admins, and other technical people needed to support the activist infrastructure.

More specific web based communication tools are being brought online soon.


On 10/10/2011 6:26 PM, Danielle Warren wrote:
please stop sending me all these e-mails. news items only.
Thank You

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Hi POC! 
    I'm a POC as well and am glad you all are working on this.  We need to get more POC folks down here in a big way.  I'm copying this email to the the Internet Working Group.  I believe they are in the process of re-organizing the website so I'm not sure how soon your info will go up.  Please make sure that you keep the info desks up to date with whatever you are planning and doing.  


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Hello, Info Desk!

The POC Working group is new and we've just registered for the blog and haven't yet received the requested password to post our meetings to the Google calendar.  We'd also like to post our working group's "about" page, including some contacts.  What is the process in order to get this done?

We'd appreciate any guidance you can  provide in expediting this process!

Hanalei - Outreach/Social Media point person

Info Deck Team