Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: Film Screenings using audio transmitted over radio - possible answer
From: Pam Tietze
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 14:26:42 -0700 (PDT)
To: Global Revolution Media

I think it can work for both. There can be several 'channels' for each
need, and people can listen to the one that's appropriate for what
they're interested in at the moment. Personally, I've had difficulty
communicating with both of those groups (I'm also new to the way
things work), so if you know how to reach out, please advise. Thanks

Also, we've used the word 'radio' alot, but just to clarify I think
it's starting to focus in on internet 'radio' solely so people can use
their phones. Although if Radio WG wanted to take the reins on good
old fashioned radio, that would be great. I imagine that if you're
live streaming a GA meeting with a mic, it would be pretty easy to do
it both ways at once. I'm focusing on getting the internet side going
first though!

On Oct 11, 5:00 pm, Daniel Levine <> wrote:
Aside from the technical aspects, are you guys envisioning broadcast radio
as a media outlet or simply a device to serve as an electronic version of
people's mic for those of in the square?

The first case would definitely fall under the umbrella of our Radio WG and
we need and appreciate help. The second might be something for the lovely
folks at internet.

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 10:07 AM, John Greaves <>wrote:

There might be an issue with broadcasting radio which they might try to use
legal tactics to shut down but radio would be a good idea.

One solution which I have been working on but have only gotten a prototype
to work is to use icecast streaming server. There is a nice mac program
based on this called Nicecast**nicecast/<>

this lets you start an internet radio station using itunes or just the mic
on your computer. It's a free trial that lets you broadcast for an hour at a
time, but it's only like $60 for the full license.

This is initially set up to broadcast over the internet, but if you can
have a wireless router running hooked up to a computer using nicecast then
anyone who joins that wireless network will be able to listen to the audio.

a few problems: there is a 7 second delay on the audio so it might not be
good to sync movies. I'm not sure how much capacity this will have, but the
prototype works.

people join the wireless router's network then go to a local url and hit
play from an html5 browser.

Another possible answer for streaming movies is using the same network
router, but using vlc to stream the movie over the network so a bunch of
people can view it on their phone. THis would work, but is best for
prerecorded stuff because there is a 7 second delay on the video too.

THis can be really powerful if you guys want to spend the energy to make it
it can also create a local web site that people can access to see what's
happening and what is needed within the local area network range. If we can
get it working it can be replicated pretty easily and cheaply.

I am not available to be there until next week but I can skype or email
with people on the details of the procedure to get these solutions going.

Radio might just be the answer, but I thought I would add this additional


On 10/11/11 9:37 AM, Pam Tietze wrote:

If we can use an FM transmitter that can cover the length of the
square, we can 'occupy' a station and transmit audio (yes the GA
meetings and whatever else people want) live that people can listen to
with their phones. I think. Ha

That airtime can be scheduled like a calendar so people can transmit
different info at all times. It gets around the amplification issue.

It seems pretty simple to me in theory. It's like what they use on
walking tours, etc.

On Oct 11, 8:37 am, Daniel Levine<danieltrump...@gmail.**com<>>

Pam. Not sure exactly what you had in mind, but we have a radio working
group. WBAI is giving us a half hour slot on their station starting next
week (mon-fri 6:30-7). We're also looking into podcasting if you can help
call me. 347-853-2612

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 1:35 AM, Pam Tietze<>

Hi there,
It's completely possible that this has already been discussed, but I
was wondering why we don't transmit audio on a radio channel so people
can tune in and/or listen with their phones. I was thinking about this
because I wanted to screen films  at the square and was trying to
think of different ways for people to hear the audio aside from
There could also be a website where people can 'tune in' and listen
with their phones.
What do you think??