Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: Film Screenings using audio transmitted over radio
From: Pam Tietze
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 09:40:10 -0700 (PDT)
To: Global Revolution Media

Yes! That was me, hi!

>From my *limited* understanding, I'm not even sure if an 'app' is
necessary if we can just have a webpage that people can go to?

John seems to have a pretty good grasp on how to do this. John--would
you mind setting up the site? Or perhaps giving me more details on
exactly what we need in terms of process (tech-dummies version for me
ha). I'm downloading nicecast now. It sounds like really all we need
is a router and a computer dedicated to this.

For now I'm putting together a silent film series, but I think if we
can figure this out it can really help in many ways.

On Oct 11, 11:31 am, ddotto <> wrote:
Perhaps I spoke with you yesterday, from the Media Center dug-out during GA?
Anyway, I think its a brilliant idea. I'd like to add two comments.

First, and I mentioned this yesterday, I think that the Open Source Working
Group is probably better suited for handling this project. People from that
group are developing mobile apps for the movement, and this definitely

Second, I think I read a shout-out for folks who might have, or would be
willing to acquire, a Ham Radio Operator's License. The concept 'Occupy the
Air!' even rhymes with 'Occupy the Square!' It's perfect! Anyway, I'm sure
we can get people on-board who would love to share their pirate radio
skills. We can keep transmission area small, just within the park, though
there are certainly legal issues that would have to be discussed. Some folks
might want to steer clear of any potential acts which would offer the NYPD
an excuse to raid us.

Between the two, I favor mobile phone apps for Android, iPhone, etc. Who the
hell owns a transistor radio these days? I must admit though, the image of a
few radios around the park, with groups of people gathering close together
to listen to a broadcast, is pretty warm and fuzzy.


On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 10:00 AM, Abraham Heisler <>wrote:

It boggles my mind why we haven't found a smart phone app to handle this

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 9:37 AM, Pam Tietze <> wrote:
If we can use an FM transmitter that can cover the length of the
square, we can 'occupy' a station and transmit audio (yes the GA
meetings and whatever else people want) live that people can listen to
with their phones. I think. Ha

That airtime can be scheduled like a calendar so people can transmit
different info at all times. It gets around the amplification issue.

It seems pretty simple to me in theory. It's like what they use on
walking tours, etc.

On Oct 11, 8:37 am, Daniel Levine <> wrote:
Pam. Not sure exactly what you had in mind, but we have a radio working
group. WBAI is giving us a half hour slot on their station starting next
week (mon-fri 6:30-7). We're also looking into podcasting if you can
call me. 347-853-2612

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 1:35 AM, Pam Tietze <>
Hi there,

It's completely possible that this has already been discussed, but I
was wondering why we don't transmit audio on a radio channel so people
can tune in and/or listen with their phones. I was thinking about this
because I wanted to screen films  at the square and was trying to
think of different ways for people to hear the audio aside from

There could also be a website where people can 'tune in' and listen
with their phones.

What do you think??




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