Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Proposal: Media+info breakout groups during GA
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 17:32:21 +0000
To:, "Nikky Schiller Occupy Global Revolution" <>, "Vlad T" <>,, "Info occupy" <>,,,, "Brooke facilitator occupy alt" <>

 I propose to use 30min of GA to do breakout groups to collect, brainstorm and coordinate media. One member of each group w each subgroup.

Also break into new groups to do the same for info. 

Can someone be at facilitation mtg at 4 to add this to agenda and in our media mtg we can plan how to use the hundreds of people standing at attention.

Will anyone who might tell me I'm moving too fast first explain why Tony Balogna is still our leader in media production?

Also what are the facilitation, open source, and other working group emails not listed on nycga?


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