Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Workgroup initiatives
From: Chaz
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 18:44:52 -0700 (PDT)
To: internet working group

It seems that many decisions about the new website are being made
offline by a group of people that are able to do so in a more
expedient manner than this online collaboration via Google groups, and
perhaps at this stage that is the best method for the quick jumpstart
we need for the or web presence.

I would however strongly urge everyone to stay diligent and connected
so that when there is a chance for broader input we in the group will
be on the same page and ready to jump in. When people do find our
group with offers of services or support we should have a definite
route for that information.The offer for Wifi in the park should not
be lost- If there is no one person or committee to direct that offer,
we need an answer for him even if it is. "Yes, if you can donate it,
please do- we will work out specifics as soon as we can". That way we
will not lose opportunities.

As for all of the new technologies/offers for resources I think we
should pick a core set of technologies to roll out and get those up
and running and make that list known. As our needs grow and as new
features are requested, and hopefully agreed upon in a GA forum, we
will be able to implement them.

I think initial support of sub-action-groups outside of the whole OWS
initiative (Outreach, Media, etc) should be limited so that the
momentum of OWS is not diluted. If people come to the new site and
want to learn about why we are here, it would be a great disservice to
us all if we are seen only as a platform for special interest groups
only using OWS as a platform for their own agendas. We are all the
99%, not the 5% + 13% + 8.7% etc...

We look forward to hearing how the most recent internet technology
meetings went from those that were able to attend.
Thanks for reading,