Subject: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] we the people have found our voice
From: "Katie Davison" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 13:26:43 -0400
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I agree with you on some level Kari, but we can not forget that what makes this different than anything prior to it is technology and social media.  We have the capacity to work in outreach and movement building, i.e. go beyond purely documenting. I would argue that we have the responsibility to do so as a working group servicing the GA.
I want to discuss this further in today's meeting, but concerning heckling - that is not what this movement is about. 
We are inclusive, not exclusive. We want to speak to the police in a way that makes them understand that they should join us.
I think heckling is irresponsible and childish on any protestor's part.  That doesn't mean we can't archive a fair portrayal of what is actually happening on the ground, but posting things like that on our website implies that we support that kind of behavior... which feeds the negative portrayal of us that is already floating around in the mainstream media.
We have a responsibility to be better than that... this is about a fundamental value system underlying our Declaration of Solidarity.
Our media team and messaging should be reflective of that value system.

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Katie's concern speaks to something Abe brought up at yesterday's meeting: what are we doing? 
Are we purely documenting, representing all our voices and messages? Or are we promoting / framing a more specific message? 

I personally like the documentary approach. I think videos of heckling police officers and more radical forms of resistance can and should be balanced with videos of meditation groups, overtly aggressive cops, and all non-radical resistance. 

I think the OccupyMedia Teams messages should be as scattered as the Occupy Wall Street Movement. And that - like the movement - points of unification will naturally emerge as we begin to work in larger numbers on longer term projects. 


On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 12:39 PM, Katie Davison <> wrote:
This is great, but I have a problem with the bit on the cops - specifically the heckling.
I don't think that's a proper reflection of what we represent, or should represent.
I know that's nit picky, but if we're posting it on our websites, I think we have to consider messaging...

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Hi everyone!

The filmmakers who brought us Nobody can predict the moment of Revolution
have made a longer film, and they'd like to post it on the nycga and
occupywallstreet websites.
Can we make this happen?


It's posted here: