Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] Internet Working Group - Volunteer Information Form
From: Chaz
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 07:40:02 -0700 (PDT)
To: internet working group

What about Open Atrium as an open source collaboration tool?
I'm not pushing it, just offering a suggestion for moving to
opensource tools.


On Oct 11, 10:24 am, Mark Pruce <> wrote:
Yeah, it wouldn't be like migrating an entire site off a CMS. Its just a
spreadsheet and if a better solution comes along next week - we can
implement that and copy the information. Maybe we could set up a forwarding
URL give people so can switch seamlessly
in the future.

Am fully aware of the hesitations about google, but I figured that we are
using a google groups for now also, they can be our jumping off point.

- M

Mark Pruce
Freelance Designer

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 10:16 AM, Chris Hoffman

Yeah, this is the idea.  Let us know if this is becomes an approved method,
and I'll plug in my info.

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 10:10 AM, Todd Grayson <>wrote:

 Wow... this is very handy. Very good idea as a tool IMHO this is very
useful. There is concern about aggregating things on google from various
members as well, however.

We should review with FLO if an open based solution for this was already
in progress or can be provided (php form to mysql back end with report
tool), and where it can be hosted is identified.  But the idea is 1) rock
solid 2) extremely helpful.

Thanks for the working prototype/idea. As FLO is able to respond and IWG
is able to evaluate we should be able to decide quickly (start here move to
open solution, etc).

IMHO the goal will be to leverage technology as available until more open
solutions can be put in place by the flo team as they are able to address
them.  So it might be where we "start out here" and "end up in a FLO based

Again, thank you very much for this.  IMHO this is something that
can/should be implemented quickly to help marshal what and who we have


On 10/11/2011 7:59 AM, Mark Pruce wrote:

I created this simple Google Doc Form to gather all volunteers'
information in one place. Please excuse the lame template - it was done in
10 minutes because I think we need something like this.

 Unless anyone has any strong objections - I say anyone with an interest
in volunteering should be sent to fill out this form and the next time
anyone from the working group has a need for a specific skill, they can go
reference the spreadsheet.

 As noted in the form's instructions: all information is open to the
public (and saved in a google doc), so people are urged to keep that in mind
if listing a phone number, for example. Anyone can see it but no one except
me can edit it because I don't think there will be a need for that.

 Speak up if you think this is a terrible idea, otherwise - fill it out
if you have skills to volunteer.

 The results spreadsheet is set to be available to anyone with a link -
which means it should not show up in search results or anything, but all you
need to do it click on the link below or fill out the form itself to see the



 Feedback is welcome, I hope this is helpful.

 - Mark

Mark Pruce
Freelance Designer

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