Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] Re: Call for assistance: mail list administration and helpers
From: Todd Grayson
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 20:14:15 -0600
CC: Jackie <>

The mail lists will evolve over time in use. We will need people to help manage/maintain, and respond to publicly facing lists that we can not construct an auto-responders to for now.  The goal will be to get automation in place that makes outbound and inbound communication for the working groups easier.

The response e-mail to a non-member contacting the lists can provide a rich greeting message, and refer the user to the online web resources like your mentioning below.

Mail lists are also good for providing announcements to people who have subscribed to them that might not necessarily be following the websites every day, and co-coordinating the list aggregation for working groups and teams will be an area of activity that will be ongoing from now on.

For now "greeters" for new people mailing the list with offers for help needs that can provide response that direct to the proper areas of the  would be helpful (shifts covering/monitoring).   Technical offers for help are noted and thanked as well.

Online volunteer registration is being evaluated as well, possibly web forms to groups interested in, contact information, and skills.


On 10/11/2011 7:58 PM, Jackie wrote:
Thanks for the replies, all.

Just wondering, is email really the best medium?  It seems rather
difficult and cumbersome.

A simple blog with comments. A mini social network. Twitter, FB,
YouTube, Flickr--all of those could be easier than email.

I saw we be nimble,
not tied to any particular platform, and
tied only to the message.

The message is what counts.

Email is boring.

Thanks all,