Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] Re: People of Color working group add to website
From: Antonio Serna
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 18:08:50 -0400
CC: "hanalei!" <>,,, Thanu Yakupitiyage <>, Share Run <>

I've updated the People of Color Working Group page. But I was looking through my emails, it appears that a Julian ( emailed here) is also forming a POC group.

So is there a way you can introduce yourselves and see how you want to be represented, either as one group or as 2 different POC groups. If you decide on 2 different POC groups, you might want to consider points of distinction so people are not confused. Preferably a neutral distinction, like meeting times, etc.

Anyhow I leave it to you, let me know what you think.

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For Reference,  Previous discussions on POC working groups:

by Julian...

by Hanalei...

On 10/10/11 11:36 PM, hanalei! wrote:

Thanks for the help.  Please find the info you requested below. Please
let us know how to add our Wednesday 630p ad Sunday 3p meetings to the
larger group calendar.  A bit unsure of that process, but would be more
than happy to post events from our
<> address.

Thanks for all your help!


*Created in response to the lack of racial diversity at
#OccupyWallStreet with the purpose of developing critical consciousness
within the movement and extending its reach to include those most
affected by the current crisis.

It is open to all who identify as people of color. *

    Poccupy Subcommittees

Below is a working list of all subcommittees of the People of Color
Working Group (Poccupy).

    * Arts + Culture
    * Childcare
    * Education
    * Labor
    * Language Access
    * Media/Press
    * Outreach
    * Research
    * Strategy
    * Students

If you’d like to get involved in one of the working groups send and
email to <> , and
we'll direct you to our point people right away.

*Meeting times*
We meet twice every week:
Wednesdays, 630p under the red structure/"Joie de Vivre" statue
Sundays, 3p under the red structure/"Joie de Vivre" statue

*discussion list info*

On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 8:45 PM, Antonio Serna <
<>> wrote:

    Hi Hanalei,
    I've just created the POC Working Group page.

    Please send me the info:

    meeting times/locations
    discussion list info


    Also I'm not sure if Calendar events are being added by a few people
    or all the groups? Can someone on this list answer that? I noticed
    LaurenD and mbralow adding most events.


    On 10/10/11 8:26 PM, Danielle Warren wrote:

        please stop sending me all these e-mails. news items only.
        Thank You

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        Hi POC!
        I'm a POC as well and am glad you all are working on this. We
        need to
        get more POC folks down here in a big way. I'm copying this
        email to the
        the Internet Working Group. I believe they are in the process of
        re-organizing the website so I'm not sure how soon your info
        will go up.
        Please make sure that you keep the info desks up to date with
        you are planning and doing.


        On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 11:44 AM, Unified Communities
        < <>> wrote:

            Hello, Info Desk!

            The POC Working group is new and we've just registered for
        the blog
            and haven't yet received the requested password to post our
            to the Google calendar. We'd also like to post our working
        "about" page, including some contacts. What is the process in order
            to get this done?

            We'd appreciate any guidance you can provide in expediting
        this process!

            Hanalei - Outreach/Social Media point person

        Info Deck Team

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