Subject: Re: [Ows_solutions] [NYCGA Internet] Internet Working Group - Volunteer Information Form
From: Evan Wagner
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 01:08:22 -0400
To: Maneswar Cheemalapati
CC: Todd Grayson <>, "" <>, Mark Pruce <>, OWS Solutions <>

Hello again all,

My apologies for the shortness of my last email- I've been a little hampered without a laptop, running around to different working groups talking to a lot of people on the ground, along with other random tasks, and did not get a chance to review the google form- it looks great! It will serve well to hold us until we get something more integrated, and open source of course : )

Regarding the timeline of the permabank, as fast as possible : b - we will be shooting out preliminary wireframes tomorrow night after we get user input from reps of working groups.  I will be going to the 9AM WG coordination meeting to corral those reps for a meeting with Marc, our UX designer, at 8:30 tomorrow night.  Once we send them out, we're looking for the back-end devs (Drupal) to jump on them right away and provide input as well to Marc as they go.  Front-end phasing in shortly thereafter (Mark Pruce? + others).  Re: Maneswar's question- most like we will be using better means to track progress, but a lot of this is on the fly...

I also agree whole heartedly with Maneswar about getting this horizontal communication going, as a :"Spoke" sounds a lot like "Soviet" to me, and I don't think we really want to go down that road...

Re: Judy- You are absolutely correct, I've never worked this hard before or loved it so much, and the free food doesn't hurt!

Please let me know your thoughts and be ready for the wireframes devs...



On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 11:18 PM, Maneswar Cheemalapati <> wrote:
IMHO, I agree with Mark / Todd... we should have a resource management system up asap... but for now, we have a new Occupyeverything.INFO server setup which is already fairly secure, we should start hosting information like this on that site, to protect identities, limit access to information and to speed up communications.  The information can be placed on a page that Mark manages... we could just send Mark the info required for the fields?  Or perhaps we can all have access to a single page we can all edit with our own info so it's there.

BTW, I went to a few organizational meetings between the other working groups, and I've informed them generally that we are working on setting up the tools necessary to satisfy their requests for accountability / transparency / interaction, etc.  Basically, places where people can go to see what's been discussed / implemented / being worked on.  Something that alarms me a bit is that the Facilitation team has taken it upon themselves to try to streamline operations on the Plaza and is creating something like a Super Congress... Spokes Council, which is a round robin of the members of working groups acting as reps to a group discussion, to resolve immediate needs at the Plaza.  There were 6+ hours of discussions on the merits / concerns of this system... The sooner we can get the technology enabled to allow inter group communications, the sooner we can ensure leaderless democracy continues to thrive in the organization.

I am again wanting to offer help, but I'm not very technically oriented... not at this level anyway.  I am fairly good at graphics / interface design so I could work on the layout / visuals of any application we expect people to interact with.  I'm quite good at mapping / flow charting too.  I am tied up with work from 9 to 7 daily, except on weekends, so if we can get a project / tasks list up perhaps I could connect with the right people to offer my help.

Thank you.

Maneswar Cheemalapati
Ethelind Coblin Architect, PC
212 . 967 . 2490 x 212\ecoblin
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Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 10:10 AM
Cc: Mark Pruce; OWS Solutions
Subject: Re: [Ows_solutions] [NYCGA Internet] Internet Working Group - Volunteer Information Form

Wow... this is very handy. Very good idea as a tool IMHO this is very useful. There is concern about aggregating things on google from various members as well, however.

We should review with FLO if an open based solution for this was already in progress or can be provided (php form to mysql back end with report tool), and where it can be hosted is identified.  But the idea is 1) rock solid 2) extremely helpful.

Thanks for the working prototype/idea. As FLO is able to respond and IWG is able to evaluate we should be able to decide quickly (start here move to open solution, etc).

IMHO the goal will be to leverage technology as available until more open solutions can be put in place by the flo team as they are able to address them.  So it might be where we "start out here" and "end up in a FLO based solution".

Again, thank you very much for this.  IMHO this is something that can/should be implemented quickly to help marshal what and who we have online.


On 10/11/2011 7:59 AM, Mark Pruce wrote:
I created this simple Google Doc Form to gather all volunteers' information in one place. Please excuse the lame template - it was done in 10 minutes because I think we need something like this. 

Unless anyone has any strong objections - I say anyone with an interest in volunteering should be sent to fill out this form and the next time anyone from the working group has a need for a specific skill, they can go reference the spreadsheet. 

As noted in the form's instructions: all information is open to the public (and saved in a google doc), so people are urged to keep that in mind if listing a phone number, for example. Anyone can see it but no one except me can edit it because I don't think there will be a need for that. 

Speak up if you think this is a terrible idea, otherwise - fill it out if you have skills to volunteer. 

The results spreadsheet is set to be available to anyone with a link - which means it should not show up in search results or anything, but all you need to do it click on the link below or fill out the form itself to see the results:



Feedback is welcome, I hope this is helpful. 

- Mark

Mark Pruce
Freelance Designer