Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Re: MInutes: WG check-in 10.11.11 9AM
From: Chaz
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 05:06:24 -0700 (PDT)
To: internet working group

Three cheers for Brooke!!!!
That got me to thinking about spreading this information and making it
available for those that miss GA's.
Can we publish/archive GA minutes on the new site? As part of being
transparent it would be great to be able to see what goes on (for good
or not-as-good) in this direct democracy. Until then, Brooke, we'd be
your best friend if you could post minutes whenever you are able (or
strongarm someone.. or point us to them online if any other group is
posting them)


On Oct 11, 11:58 am, Brooke Lehman <> wrote:
Working Group Check-ins 10.11.11

Facilitation: 1pm tree at bottom of park moving to battery park for
discussion on streamlining GA. Meet everyday at 4pm at Charlottes Place

Medical: Needs an office space – will check in with Han. Will try to start a
12 step program table – talk to ED.  9PM meeting everyday at medic table.

Press: have a press table by the library. Need information. Need stories and
spokespeople – have enough white males. There all day. 6pm everyday meeting.

DA: tripod 2pm then move to church

Community Relations: Art show extended a week

Open Source: 1pm Charlottes place:

Demands: 5pm Sunday Square

Weather: it is going to get bad.

Library: Meet on Saturday

Graphic Design: Sunday at 1PM at red sculpture

Info: Today at info table 6pm – keep up to date on where and when you meet.
Let info know if things change so they can tell people where to go. All the
events – we need the places and times. Fliers welcome. Ask that you can come
up with an identifying mark for each working group. Need phone numbers and
clear addresses. Great to get MSM together.

Arts and Culture: Everyday at Noon – by signs and 6pm @ 60 Wall Street –
need volunteers to help make giant puppets for Oct 15th and Halloween march

Mediation: invite WGs to invite us in to help with meeting dynamics – also
offering Nonviolent Communication Training. Have an empathy booth on street
facing Brooks Borthers – need help making booth. Wednesday
at 4pm meeting.

Comfort: Love to know where mediation and security – really want to know
where you are at – and stay in communication.

Security: 8pm at media booth every night

Legal: Setting up a table near outreach – trying to make this stay a legal
table (personed from 1-9pm)and not get removed. Want a presence in the
square. Meetings Monday at 5 or 6 at the table. Will check in with info when
have the time settled.

Affinity Group doing direct action wants to meet with DA, Legal, media, Live
Stream, and looking for non-violence training. Meeting at sculpture at 5pm

Food: 11 and 4pm everyday – meet at kitchen and move. Need to meet with
legal and finance. Need offsite cooking and storing capacity.

Media: Want to cover the working groups. Meeting at 5pm at the media center
then moving. Come to media with “one in a life time stories.”

Town Planning: Camp feel chaotic. There is no working mechanism to address
the chaos of the camp. Partying is increasing. No one to go to resolve
issues. After this meeting perhaps connect with mediation and security.
Meeting today at 1pm at sculpture. Info will print the consented town
agreements. Would be great for groups working on same issues to cluster or
merge. The plastic bins are coming in tomorrow – could use help on this.

Archives: Want to connect with sanitation to save the signs.  Sunday at 6pm
at library.

Coordinating between occupations nationwide. – Meeting by food table 12:30

Finance: Have every bodies forms – need descriptions, see where groups might
merge and consolidate. Stop by between 12 and 5pm. Doing budget proposals
today – template budgets together. Going to go to weekly budgets. Need
should come to finance before the GA. 6:30 meeting under red structure them

Veteran Affairs: Monday at 10:30 near the GA and moving.

Occupy Maine: asking for notes on what is working. Check in with media and
internet. Also noise questions.

Communications: People leasing through the WGS and offering information to
Info. 11am at statue today.

Internet: trying to connect all those working on concerns together. Meeting
today at 5pm meeting at Info and moving. Launching NYCGA website to
coordinate WGs – with email addresses, blogs, coordinated with info. We all
see the problems – ask that you hang in there. This Thursday night will
launch site – and need reps from each WG to come to 52 BWAY – will have you
become administrators of your WG. The internet WG will be taking control
over Public accessible google To give meeting minutes for next 3
days:; -- both addresses will pop into
the google group.

Coaching: meeting M/W/F noon, T/TH/SA – 9pm

Sanitation: need more full-timers. Packing up camp everyday working. A bit
better than yesterday. Missing wheel for mop bucket. Meet everyday 11am on
north entrance to park.

Inventory list: Need inventory sheets from WGs – come ask Inventory group  –
across from comfort. Big Red Cube. Request someone from Security,
Facilitation, Internet and Archive to come to meeting this morning. Not a
kitchen or a place to grab stuff – this is storage. S/TU/TH: 11AM at cube.

Working Group Support Space: Putting together a WG to figure out creation of
a WG. Coordinating with UFT, getting it wired. Will let folks know how to
plug in tomorrow.

POC working group: Think time of meeting is not accessible. Meet W – 6pm, S
– 3pm at sculpture.

Protest Chaplin: Here to talk with folks that need them – will connect with

Accountability and Transparency, Think Tank, Labor – did not come to meeting

WGs Meeting at Morning or Night?

· Meeting earlier

· Internet will handle meeting times – so that we can have discussions
rather than check-ins

· Working folks participating really important – don’t need two meetings –
need to be doing.

· There is a 9pm meeting (more of a conversation than a meeting)

· Will go back to groups and discuss this.