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From: Vlad T
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 00:19:01 -0400

we need to get this to lawyers asap.  i think the rules are governed by the agreemenet brookfield signed with the city when they got the air rights....

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 11:56 PM, beka economopoulos <> wrote:
Hey there, spoke with NY Times reporter, they already filed the story but he'll try to get a quote in before it goes to print (and get it up online).  Here's what I said, short and sweet, it's all he could take:

"As the Occupy Wall Street movement has grown in Liberty Square we have been vigorously working to ensure safe and sanitary conditions. We recognize the importance of being good neighbors. Just days ago, the mayor said we could be there indefinitely, but the caveat that we must abide by the rules that Brookfield established after the occupation began – that forbid lying down, smoking, having sleeping bags and generators – amount to a political maneuver to end the occupation."

We can can continue to massage a proper statement, I think we'd want to add something like "we are committed to continue this occupation and inspiring others around the world".

Please note, this is our opening statement.  Not done here -- there's a political strategy, a media strategy, a sanitation team strategy, and actions strategy to be considered.  Let's continue to discuss.  

Yes, sanitation is indeed an issue, and we must prioritize it.  We have a massive clean-up already planned for Friday.  Also, political allies have been working to get Porta Potties and dumpsters nearby that we can use, but Bloomberg has blocked these efforts.  If our sanitation team and the city sanitation team can work side by side, great.  But if police are involved in any way, forget it.  And this giant loophole: "abide by Brookfield's rules" is a deal-breaker.


On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 11:27 PM, beka economopoulos <> wrote:

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 11:24 PM, Tarak Kauff <> wrote:

I agree with you and your idea is creative and beautiful as well as strategically sound.  Go for it. 



On Oct 12, 2011, at 11:05 PM, beka economopoulos wrote:

That's great Justin, we're working on a statement to that effect, like the framing. Other point of information: the local community board and political allies have been trying to push the mayor for permits for Porto Potties and dumpsters nearby.  If he truly cared about sanitation in the park, he would allow this.

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 11:03 PM, Justin Wedes <> wrote:

This is a very thoughtful analysis, but I believe that our stance on this should be one of insisting on doing our own cleanup, consistent with our philosophy of self-policing and self-government.

The NYPD/Bloomberg are trying to sway public opinion against us and create a pretext to enforce Brookfield's rules at the park, which are tantamount to evicting us as we are in violation of all of them (written after our arrival). This is confirmed in statements by Deputy Mayor for Operations Cas Holloway:

Added Holloway: “The cleaning will be done in stages and the protesters will be able to return to the areas that have been cleaned, provided they abide by the rules that Brookfield has established for the park.”

So I propose that we do not allow the city to coordinate any cleaning of the park, unless they want to work with us and within our existing sanitation protocols. 


On Oct 12, 2011, at 10:54 PM, Tarak Kauff wrote:

IMHO this is wrong - Bloomberg dictating terms to OWS. He and whoever else he wants should offer to meet in open and respectful negotiations with a designated committee from OWS as equals and talk about his concerns for clean up, if OWD is amenable to that. Then the committee can bring whatever offer Bloomberg and company make back to the assembly and get back to Bloomberg with a response. Let him know that Liberty Park belongs to the people. Let him know that neither he nor the police brutality can dictate terms to the people. Private property my ass. It was stolen originally from the Indians.

As many of you know October2011 recently accepted an offer by the NPS in DC to extend their permit (which had expired) for an additional 4 months. We did not ask for an extension of the permit (the police offered it) and we were prepared to stay without one. (The purpose of the original permit was only to get our foot in the door effectively). We made it very clear to the police that we intended to stay with or without a permit. The negotiators from Freedom Plaza gave no concessions, made no deals, also made it clear that non-violent resistance actions would continue in DC. But by virtue of the popularity of the OWS movements around the country and by virtue of what has been achieved already by those in Liberty PLaza the police in DC realized that any attempt to remove us would look very bad, consequently we were in a position of power. We had already set up tents, been sleeping at the park and serving food, all beyond the original restrictions of the permit.  So when the police offered and extension with no strings attached, the assembly decided to take it.

What happens from here on out depends on the numbers we have. If the numbers drop in Freedom Plaza the police can find an excuse to move us out, but for now we are relatively secure.

There is a difference between police in DC and in NYC. In my experience the NYC police and the city administration are much more brutal and arrogant with regard to protests.

That said, I think Bloomberg may also realize how bad he will look if he has the police try to forcibly remove people from Liberty Plaza. So my suggestion is to negotiate and give up nothing. Make everything public, insist on complete transparency. OWS may be able to get the city to actually help clean up the park without giving up anything.


On Oct 12, 2011, at 9:57 PM, JeremyToG wrote:

Possibly cruel question to ask: "Why can't you clean with us around

Alternatively, help with the cleaning to be part of it without having
to leave the area. Or encircle any areas to be cleaned so that they
don't get blocked off.

On Oct 12, 9:52 pm, wrote:
That's bizarre.  Any idea when they plan to show up?

On 10/12/11,beka economopoulos<>wrote:I find this to be of great concern: “The cleaning will be done in stages and the protesters will be able to return to the areas that have been cleaned, provided they abide by the rules that Brookfield has established for the park.”

It was precisely this process thatended the M-15 encampmentsin Spain this past Spring.  What does "the rules that Brookfield has established for the park" mean?

Need to have strategy conversation about this, prepare media response (or choose not to), determine game plan for this as a possible scenario, most likely in the wee hours of the night.


---------- Forwarded message ----------From:Colin Moynihan <>Date:October 12, 2011 8:07:15 PM EDTTo:kira.annika@gmail.comSubject:from: Colin Moynihan; City hall statement

STATEMENT OF DEPUTY MAYOR FOR OPERATIONS CAS HOLLOWAY“Earlier this evening, Mayor Bloomberg went to Zuccotti Park to talkwith the protesters himself and inform them that on Friday morningBrookfield Properties will clean the park.“Brookfield Properties owns Zuccotti Park, and built it as an amenityfor the general public.  As the protest has continued, Brookfield hasexpressed concern about its inability to clean the park and maintainit in a condition fit for public use. Brookfield conveyed theseconcerns in a letter they sent to the City.“The Mayor is a strong believer in the First Amendment and believesthat the protesters have a right to continue to protest. At the sametime, the last three weeks have created unsanitary conditions andconsiderable wear and tear on the park. This situation is not in thebest interests of the protesters, residents or the City.“The cleaning will be done in stages and the protesters will be ableto return to the areas that have been cleaned, provided they abide bythe rules that Brookfield has established for the park.”


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