Subject: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] we the people nypd heckling
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 22:51:46 +0000

After watching, the heckling part I thought was fine because the cops are still smiling.

I did very much want to see the faces of the voices speaking.

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From: Martyna Starosta <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 23:37:37 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] we the people nypd heckling

Hello there,

After reading all this different points of view:
How do we make a decision about showing, or not showing the video?

Andrew, Why don't you watch the video first, and then add your voice to the discussion?

Martyna Starosta
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Von: Prudence Katze <>
Gesendet: 18:25 Mittwoch, 12.Oktober 2011
Betreff: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] we the people nypd heckling

"The time for opposition has passed"? You mean, the opposition that doesn't take away tarps, pepper-spray, or put on tight hand-cuffs? You mean the opposition that is composed of us occupying a space day after day after day. The whole world is full of oppositions, we are working as a constantly changing agent of provocation. You do a dis-service to everyone to think that you speak for 100% of the population - because no one has the capacity to do that. We can strive to understand where others are coming from, to appreciate difference and try to stay away from stasis, but none of us will be able to represent the totality of everyone else's experience.

When you speak of altruism, do you mean JPMorgan donating $4.9 million to the NYPD while the Bloomberg administration lays off over 600 teachers? Perhaps you should listen to this zizek speech:

"Remember: the problem is not corruption or greed. The problem is the system that pushes you to give up. Beware not only of the enemies. But also of false friends who are already working to dilute this process."

Why sugar coat an actual exciting process that is constantly evolving? There are so many positive things happening at OWS, but we are always on the precipice of the legal gray area (as we should be). Pretending like the police are our friends and are putting flowers in their own gun barrels voluntarily is akin to farcical censorship.

in solidarity, Prudence

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 3:21 PM, <> wrote:
Hi Martyna thank you for your lovely videos in which I see the best in my friends.

We are the 100%, the whole, including the police. The time for opposition is passed, we have a voice, just like you said, so use it for altruism please.

Also, I haven't seen the video yet, but I did stay at a holiday inn last night.

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I'm Tom from the internet.

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From: Martyna Starosta <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 06:40:59
To: Global Revolution Media<>
Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: we the people have found our voice

Hello there,

This is Martyna. Iva and I made the video WE THE PEOPLE HAVE FOUND OUR
which is beig discussed in this email.

I am glad that the video provoked such a rich discussion in which
people bring in very different points of view.
And, I strongly believe that this wide range of conflicting
perspectives should be represented on the main website.

There has been a lot of talk about creating a movement that is as
inclusive as possible.
It was also said that "our" relationship with the NYPD is complex, and
that "we" are fighting for them too.
Personally, I didn't join the OWS movement to fight for the pensions
of the NYPD, on the contrary, I joined it to fight a whole system of
which converges in the prison industrial-complex (Cornel West brought
this aspect up too).
There are different opinions within OWS about positioning ourselves
toward individual NYPD officers.
Mine is that the "working class officers" have also options, they can,
for instance, collectively decide to stop arresting people, go on
strike, find another job etc.
And I feel that OWS is risking to loose a lot of people who share my
perspective - if it tries to converge the multiplicity of voices into
one "all inclusive" entity.

It is interesting that the whole discussion sparked around the
representation of the police.
Filtering out the voices which are the most "representative," and
silencing other, seems like "self-policing" to me.
I believe that mixed tactics form the strength of the movement.

Our video is not sexist, racist, antisemtic - This would be against
the principles of solidarity which were declared by OWS.

It gives voice to the anger against the NYPD which forms part of a
larger system of oppression.
To me, this anger is legitimate for obvious reasons - even though it's
not "contextualized" within the video.
There's is already enough diversity in the general coverage of OWS -
and I agree with the person who said that
the different voices will balance each other our in an organic way -
if we allow them to be heard.

WE THE PEOPLE HAVE FOUND OUR VOICE - doesn't imply that we speak with
one voice,
but that we create a political space in which conflicting opinions
encounter each other.

I suggest, to post the video with a short comment saying:
"This video articulates a particular point of view which is not
representative for the whole movement."
(You can also include more specific objections)

What are your thoughts?

On Oct 11, 12:15 pm, Marisa Holmes <> wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> The filmmakers who brought us Nobody can predict the moment of Revolution
> have made a longer film, and they'd like to post it on the nycga and
> occupywallstreet websites.
> Can we make this happen?
> Marisa
> It's posted here: