Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] MInutes: WG check-in 10.11.11 9AM
From: Antonio Serna
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 02:15:34 -0400

Can someone unpack this segment?

- What this about taking over

- what's the training time on Thursday @ 52 BWay? I thought it was wednesday. I saw another email saying it will launch Friday.


On 10/11/11 11:58 AM, Brooke Lehman wrote:
Internet: trying to connect all those working on concerns together.
Meeting today at 5pm meeting at Info and moving. Launching NYCGA website
to coordinate WGs with email addresses, blogs, coordinated with info.
We all see the problems ask that you hang in there. This Thursday
night will launch site and need reps from each WG to come to 52 BWAY
will have you become administrators of your WG. The internet WG will be
taking control over <>. Public
accessible google
<>. To give meeting
minutes for next 3 days: <>; <> -- both addresses will pop
into the google group.