Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] Re: MInutes: WG check-in 10.11.11 9AM
From: Antonio Serna
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 14:55:57 -0400

Thanks for the clarification Jake, & see you all Thursday.


P.S. I think after the v2.0 training & launch, a solid accessible meeting for all members should happen in order to remain inclusive and diverse.

On 10/12/11 3:20 AM, Jakedeg wrote:
1) the stuff goes like this: a few nights ago (the
days are all blurring together but I believe it was Sunday night into
Monday), the affinity group that has built and is running that
aforementioned site made some choices with the site and the donations
link which upset many people in the GA and the general public. As a
result of these actions, representatives from finance, the internet
working group, the affinity group, and some mediators sat down and had
an extremely positive and productive conversation. some excellent
developments and new ideas came out of this conversation. the details
are still being worked out, but the general gist is that the domain name and site will be transitioned to the
control of the internet working group and thus the general assembly.
The affinity group, with whom we will continue to maintain a close and
mutually-beneficial relationship, will be shifting gears and taking on
a new project to put their extensive skills and the technology they
have developed to a slightly different, but very positive use in
solidarity with the whole occupy movement world-wide. As I say,
details are still in the works, but as soon as they have been ironed
out, the situation will be presented to the GA.

2) As of now, the current plan is that we will be holding a training/
orientation session for one representative from each group on Thursday
at 9:30 PM. Those reps from the groups will set up their group pages,
learn how to use the site, and begin to enter content. Then, since
that is essentially the end of the day on Thursday, the general public
will be introduced to the site on Friday presumably for the full roll-
out. While the minutes listed the location as 52 Broadway, since the
meeting this morning there have been further developments and that
space will no longer be available. We will be pushing hard tomorrow to
find a suitable space for this event. If anyone knows of a good lead
on that, we would appreciate it. We need chairs, table space, power,
and internet access for probably around 40-60 people. Ideally close to
Liberty Plaza. If you've got a solid lead, please contact jake or

Hope that was sufficient unpacking.


On Oct 12, 2:15 am, Antonio Serna<>  wrote:
Can someone unpack this segment?

- What this about taking over

- what's the training time on Thursday @ 52 BWay? I thought it was
wednesday. I saw another email saying it will launch Friday.


On 10/11/11 11:58 AM, Brooke Lehman wrote:

Internet: trying to connect all those working on concerns together.
Meeting today at 5pm meeting at Info and moving. Launching NYCGA website
to coordinate WGs with email addresses, blogs, coordinated with info.
We all see the problems ask that you hang in there. This Thursday
night will launch site and need reps from each WG to come to 52 BWAY
will have you become administrators of your WG. The internet WG will be
taking control over<>. Public
accessible google
<>. To give meeting
minutes for next 3 days:<>;<>  -- both addresses will pop
into the google group.