Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: Media help with Times Square Occupy Wall Street billboards.
From: Gene
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 09:47:37 -0700 (PDT)
To: Global Revolution Media

Hi Todd,

I completely understand your skepticism. Our site is a platform for
funding billboard space.

Our billboards include Wikileaks billboards in LA & Chicago, Release
Bradley Manning in Kansas City & Washington DC, as well as Obama is a
republican bus ads in DC.

There are no secrets to why I am offering to fit the bill,
1. I support the movement 100%, my home was foreclosed but yet the
banks still got bailed out (what about me?), I lost my job but my
bosses still make crazy bonuses, and most of all I want private money
out of government.

2. I am trying to raise awareness for our platform, the goal is to
have people explore EpicStep and start their own campaigns. I need the
right people, people that are passionate, that care, and that have
compassion. There are no sponsors for this campaign, EpicStep (me & my
partner) will pay for all of it.

3. No billboard company would give up free ad space in Times Square, I
would love to Occupy billboards for free but they own the space, it is
not public. I have no problems paying for this because it serves all
of us well.

We are getting ready to approve two more campaigns in the next few
days, Forgive Student Loan Debt, and Get Money Out (Talking to Dylan
Ratigan's people today).

Give me a call and we can chat some more, 818-674-1526


On Oct 12, 10:53 pm, ddotto <> wrote:
Dear Gene Veksler,

Deepest apologies if perhaps I missed a discussion thread about this subject
somewhere else, and if I have, I hope you will kindly direct me to it. I
must ask though, out of due diligence but also rightful wariness - but for
what purpose are you proposing to do this? How might this act of beneficent
corporate sponsorship be worthwhile for your business? Yeah, we get an
expensively paid-for, prominently-positioned billboard message out to the
tourists and television addicts, but at what cost to our fledgeling movement
- our revolutionary anti-corporate moment?

And for our Occupy community, I ask: We occupy Zuccotti Park (Liberty
Square) for free. Why not occupy billboards for free, as well?

Perhaps you mean perfectly well and joyfully stand in solidarity with our
righteous cause, Gene. Perhaps my skepticism should be regarded as
unwarranted, out of line, maybe even paranoid. If so, I ask you regard our
(Occupy Wall Street's) unique vulnerability as if we are the city of Troy,
and have unexpectedly been gifted with a marvelous and mysterious horse.


Todd Graham
(just one among many, yet equal among all)

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 12:13 PM, gene veksler <>wrote:

Hey Guys,

My name is Gene Veksler I am with, my partner and I are
offering to pay for the Times Square Occupy Wall Street billboards.

I wanted to see if you all can help get the campaign up on the Occupy Wall
St. Facebook page and the @OccupyWallSt Twiiter page. So far Occupy
Chicago and Los Angeles have shared it, as well as Ad Busters.

I reached out to Todd in the Internet Working Group and he guided me to you
guys. I truly believe that if Occupy Wall St. shares it, every other Occupy
group in the nation and world will pick it up and share it with their

Campaign Page: (Launched on Saturday)

If you have any suggestions for me and who else to contact I am all ears.


*revolution  -  transformation  -  love*