Subject: [NYCGA Internet] RSS Feed Aggregator
From: Mike Jensen
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 14:54:51 -0400

Hey, I posted this on the Open Source List yesterday:

After a long time of looking into RSS feed aggregation tools for Drupal, I think the best one to use would be Feeds, which is an extension of the deprecated SimpleFeeds. This needs to be installed, along with CTools and Job Scheduler as helper modules. Then I wrote a series of Views (which assume the View module is also installed), which I have attached to source code for and also will be placing on GitHub (will send out a link to that later). This would allow customization of the feed pages themselves, but distributes the underlying logic. Someone will have to figure out how the sites would like to import all the RSS feeds. I pulled the list from here

All that should be needed it to install those modules, import the feeds, and then copy in the code for the views. Most of the views are very similar copies to how Drupal will generate the feed code on it's own, with a few exceptions. These will take all feeds and display, and will display on region/location/network. I will be creating more feeds that will filter based on GA, events, etc., but this is the start.

Another option would be to solely use Feed Aggregator, which is built into the core library. This has issues with views and I believe is using the older FeedAPI. It makes creating groups for feeds a lot easier, but gives a lot less control over the content displayed. I could be wrong in these assumptions though, so if anyone has more experience on this, feel free to correct me. I still think the views should be used, but would love to here a better way to consolidate and parse out all of this.

And then:

Here is the link to the github directory where all this is stored'm pretty down for approving all pull requests and changes, and if you want to go ahead and make your own modifications, people can always