Subject: Hello and ideas about moving...
From: Kimberly Wilder
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 06:05:01 -0700 (PDT)
To: Kimberly Me


I am sending this to some folks/e-mails at Occupy Wall Street. Found these addresses on various announcements. Wish I could be there in person. But, I had some interesting ideas that I thought someone might want to put in the brainstorm pot about moving...

1. Well, I guess if I were you, I would not move. What will they clean with? Even if they are being kind, they might use toxic cleaners, because that is how our world works. But, they could also, purposefully, put something down smelly or annoying.

2. Since they are so polite and reasonable, saying you have to go in order to clean, why don't you prevail upon their reasonableness? Ask for the police and/or Brookfield to give you accommodations while they clean. Make the police say exactly where YOU ARE allowed to peacefully assemble. Or, put it to the company to give you shelter for one night.

3. (The "probably fake crime" thing just happened to a local group here, so I really picked up on this): The press is saying that Brookfield says that a woman was berated and had a package stolen. What? Is there a police report? If not, you should challenge that it happened. But, maybe, more importantly, file a complaint against Brookfield for slander or for giving a false police report. Or, if it happened, and the woman told them of such a crime, did Brookfield interfere with justice to not go straight to the police, and to instead tell the story a few days later to the press? Maybe Brookfield should be cited with interfering with justice?

Thanks for listening. If any of these are worth bringing to the group, please do.

Sending you support from my perch in the suburbs.

Kimberly Wilder
North Babylon, Long Island, New York
(631) 422-4702