Subject: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Urgent!!! - Guide to Hand-...Direct democracy
From: Marisa Holmes
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 17:10:43 +0300

Process Point-- form a triangle with both hands
To get on stack raise your hand
twinkle fingers= test of agreement

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 5:09 PM, Marisa Holmes <> wrote:
So consensus is not voting. This is important.
Consensus is direct agreement with whats being said.
I would suggest going through the process, so that it's easily
understood how one would make decisions.
1) Agenda Item-- Must be relevant to the whole occupation
2) Proposal-- Brought forward by the working groups
-Ask for clarifying questions
-Ask for concerns
-Ask for blocs
(a bloc is a very serious ethical or safety concern)
At this point, if no one blocs you reach consensus
If there is a bloc, then you go to a 9/10 vote.
3) We take progressive stack, which means
that traditionally marginalized and/or people who tend to
speak less than others are given priority.
4) Process Points and Direct Responses jump stack
5) Direct Response is the finger in the air or two fingers shaking


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The key to consensus is inclusivity and horizontalism, or equality. See shots below.

Find a subject from a traditionally marginalized group to do the demos.

Here's some topics from the dir dem cheat sheet which I'm asking everyone help find a link to, from info or wherever- Brooke L. made it, reaching out to her too. Next to topics are my shot suggestions.

1. Transparency-Subject posting a sign on a pole or the internet for a meeting. (Shot of calendar on
2. Non-coercion+ equal voting power. Subjects talking in the plaza? Listening?
3. Balancing rights and responsibility- MCU subjects torso-pen in one hand, a hammer or tool is placed in the other.
4. Tone/body language- subject wildly swings arms aggressively cut to:
5. Check your privilege- "Progressive stack, used at nycga, puts folks from traditionally marginalized groups ahead on the stack". A. CU eyes.

6. "Step back, step up. Notice how much you raise your hand or speak. Be aware of others who have not spoken and the environment that they would feel comfortable doing so. Facing subjects ear, CU of lower half of face, 10 degrees to the rear, subject speaking, framing out eyes. Hands still expressing. Raising hand.

7. Facilitator role: To guide the meeting based on the principles listed of horizontalism, and know that becoming opinionated is a liability to create a percieved position of authority or hierarchy.

8. Prior to bylaws, define organizing principles, reiterate direct democracy principles and process, and display meeting agenda, progress and process.

9. Research the additional hand signals for opinion, concern, question.

-In out community: For lack of emphasis on direct democracy and horizontal organizing, the superficial process is misinterpreted as an excuse to dominate the conversation and theme, cluttered by assumed versions of process.

Please reference Brooke Lehman for this, and if you can't get her, try to get your hands on the direct democracy cheat sheet she made everyone. I hit almost everything on the front of the sheet. On the back is an entire sheet of organizing and writing bylaws/proposals methods for the next vid.


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Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 08:04:35
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Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Urgent help needed!!! - Guide to Hand Signals
 and Understanding the GA

Hey everyone

Nina and I are heading to MNN studio now to film a video to help
people understand the meaning of hand signals and process of GA. The
facilitator I had lined up to come narrate the video unfortunately may
not be able to make it. We can film the hand gestures, but am
wondering what else should we be shooting. Need to know by 10AM today.

We have:

Twinkle fingers for silent consent
Down fingers for disagree
Wavy fingers for unsure
Point of Process Triangle
Point of Information Index Finger
Stack pinky
Cross arm block

Anything else that we should address?

Human mic? Consensus? Progressive stack???