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From: Jenni Monet
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 14:14:36 -0400
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Thanks, Andrew. 

Abe--as the previous thread references, I'm a journalist working on a story about the media's role in the OWS demonstration. Interested in any studio tapings at MNN?


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Abe can you refer? Jenni, check . Media, when will we create our own calendar? Someone do it on google calendar as the website seems to be slowwwly progressing?

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From: Jenni Monet
Subject: MNN Studio shoot
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Hi Andrew,

My name's Jenni Monet, a journalist and current fellow T Columbia Journalism School. 

When are you guys taping at MNN? Daily? Would I be able to come and watch?  Working on a piece about media and it's role with OWS. 


Jenni Monet

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