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Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 20:12:29 +0000
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Hi all can someone get the pr google group person to add requests and let's have a rep at all other mtgs pls,

1. I agree 

Each action 1 camera, one co-camera/sound/gather contact info from other shooters and communicate.

2. Someone add "media outpost" column on crew doc, and put the link on the website. I'll make a CALL SHEET tonight when I get there at 7 or 8.
3. Tomorrow: "OPEN FORUM: Blocking Gender Binary Consensus"
6 Saturdays @ 3pm beginning on 10/15 with Intros. Meeting in front of the tree closest to the big sculpture.

SEEKING 2 SHOOTERS, AUDIO and SWING + Co-Producer reply to

4. Are we cancelling MNN tomorrow? Good day to be out in the streets.

5. Here is an intro consensus vid I helped coordinate from Monday 10/10 and below are the shots we still need to educate on Direct Democracy. 


Shot list for more consensus/direct democracy videos. Please pass it on.

1. Transparency-Subject posting a sign on a pole or the internet for a meeting. (Shot of calendar on

2. Non-coercion+ equal voting power. Subjects talking in the plaza? Listening?

3. Balancing rights and responsibility- MCU subjects torso-pen in one hand, a hammer or tool is placed in the other.

4. Tone/body language- subject wildly swings arms aggressively cut to:

5. Check your privilege- "Progressive stack, used at nycga, puts folks from traditionally marginalized groups ahead on the stack". A. CU eyes. 

6. "Step back, step up. Notice how much you raise your hand or speak. Be aware of others who have not spoken and the environment that they would feel comfortable doing so. Facing subjects ear, CU of lower half of face, 10 degrees to the rear, subject speaking, framing out eyes. Hands still expressing. Raising hand.

7. Facilitator role: To guide the meeting based on the principles listed of horizontalism, and know that becoming opinionated is a liability to create a percieved position of authority or hierarchy. 

8. Prior to bylaws, define organizing principles, reiterate direct democracy principles and process, and display meeting agenda, progress and process.

9. Research the additional hand signals for opinion, concern, question. 
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Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 11:52:30 
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Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: #LIVESTREAM & #FILM - MNN studio
 available on Saturday from 10AM to 2PM

Also available to shoot, edit, empty the trash, whatever... please
keep the details flowing

On Oct 14, 11:46 am, Madiha Tahir <> wrote:
I'm available tomorrow as well to shoot or edit.

On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 10:47 AM, Abraham Heisler <>wrote:


Congrads on a beautiful show of solidarity this morning. Overcome with

I need to get back to MNN today in regards to tomorrow. At this point, its
not looking like we have the capacity to fully take advantage of the studio
space MNN has to offer. It would take a lot of organizing and prep and I
think most of us are recovering from last night. I, myself am going to sleep
for the next few hours.

If there isn't a strong response to do something with MNN by the time I
wake up, then I will pull the plug. We can certainly work with them in the

Would be good for us to make an action plan for tomorrow. #LIVESTREAM, what
are your needs and how can we, #FILM people, assist? Will you be setting up
a news room in the space Vlad mentioned?

Also, #FILM - how do we wish to cover tomorrow? Should we send a camera out
with each action? If so, what is on the menu and who will cover what? Are
there editors who are willing to cut all night and have a mash up of
Saturday ready by morning?

Thanks and great work,

On Oct 13, 2011 8:04 PM, "Abraham Heisler" <> wrote:


If we get through tomorrow, MNN has opened their studio to us on
Saturday from 10AM to 2PM. We can switch back and forth between live
streams and conduct interviews/reports from a professional studio.

We would need people to anchor/host, camera operators, live stream
technicians, people to interview, runners, producers, etc. I told them
that depending on what happens tomorrow morning, we will get back to
them ASAP. So, I'll take a temp. check around midday tomorrow.


P.S. No stipulations, only that they air whatever we shoot to their


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