Subject: [NYCGA Internet] IMPORTANT -PLEASE POST ON SCHEDULE Friday Meeting OWS Constitution Working Group plus Minutes from First Meeting
From: jmw
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 14:08:15 -0400
To: OWS Info Deck ,

TODAY: MEETING OF FEDERAL AND STATE CONSTITUTION WORKING GROUP -  Friday, October 14, 2011.  4.30-6.00pm.  Charlotte's Place - 109 Greenwich Street.
MINUTES from Meeting #1 - Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 6-7pm
8 people in attendence - several others had conflicts - newcomers making contact.
I. The group identified key issues important to OWS: Bailouts, Federal Reserve, Fiat Money, Public Debt, Corporate Personhood. 
II. Bob presented information on his organization's extensive research on the First Amendment Right to Petition.
Key points from Presentation:
The Right to Petition is the Accountability Clause meant to be used by the People to hold government accountable to the rest of the Constitution. 
A historical review shows this Right is of great importance to our constitutional form of government as fundamental to our Declaration of Independence, our State Constitutions and our Bill of Rights.
The People have the Right, under the First and Ninth Amendments to Petition government for a Redress of their Grievances.  Government is obligated to respond.  If they do not respond, the People have the Right of non-violent Enforcement.
If government is doing things for which they have no authority under the Constitution, The People can hold them accountable through the Petition process -- legally, peacefully, professionally -- applying civic action as needed. 
Individuals and small groups cannot prevail.  Only a critical mass of people - 5% each state -- standing together, united in purpose and spirit - can apply the needed pressure to restore constitutional governance.
III. Information was presented on previous attempts to stop the AIG and $700 Billion Bailouts at the time they occurred which were dismissed by the courts for lack of standing. See two attachments.
IV.The Articles of Freedom, the work of the Continental Congress 2009, were discussed.  These address fourteen violations of the Constitution and provides specific Remedial Instructions to Congress and the States.
Attendees requested to read Article 10 (Money); and Article 11 (Public Debt), which could be used by OWS to instruct/petition the government for redress of related grievances. See
V. Attendees received copies of federal and state Constitutions; plus printout of Research on the Right to Petition (as per link above);Articles of Freedom; Petition on the Federal Reserve; AIG/700 billion Bailouts; in addition to other materials yet to be discussed.
VI. In next meeting, will discuss use of Petition process for OWS proposal; consider drafts of Petitions for Redress on Fiat Money; Federal Reserve; Public Debt and Bailouts; and decide next steps.
VII. Attendees are looking into alternative places to meet:
The group is growing.
Respectfully submitted.