Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Inter-occupation Communication
From: philip august
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 01:55:02 -0700
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Hello Fellow Occupiers,

We at the Occupation Communication Committee at OccupyLA are collecting as much info as we can about other occupy sites and need the participation of people like you to help us understand the situation at each camp. We want to learn from other occupations so that we may better ourselves. I have attached a PDF of how we are hoping to open communication initially (here is a link to the googledoc of the same file).

We hope that with the work of dedicated people we can begin to amass enough info to explain the similarities and differences of each occupation, so that when a new occupation takes root it can be equipped with this knowledge.  Please be sure to ask for permission to videotape any one-on-one interviews (get this consent on tape) and tell them that their participation is voluntary and becomes public information/oral history that may be used for academic, journalistic, and movement purposes.  These interviews and field reports will be shared publicly through a creative commons license for anyone to use.

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