Subject: Strategy to Undermine the Current Media Structure
From: David Krzesinski
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 11:46:58 -0500

Divide and Conquer

A Strategy to Undermine the Current Media Structure


In our efforts to grow Occupy Chicago, along with all of the other Occupy movements already in existence and sprouting up globally, and additionally to extend our true message to those members of the 99% who we can’t currently reach because of the corporate funded conglomerate media structure which is quite predictably trying to fragment our message and misinform the general public in their feeble efforts to divide us and box us into categories which they can then control, we are implementing a strategic campaign to divide and conquer the current media structures in place.

To reach the many 99% who have not had the opportunity to be with us here, many of who do not currently even know they are the 99% because of their lack of true information about our movement, we need a concerted effort to gain a daily presence on the many media outlets which are writing articles about our movement in an attempt to inform them and help us control the discussion that takes place surrounding those articles and the message we strive to send.

To do this, we must attack our enemies at their weakest point.  The hole in their line of defense, where the truth can be exposed as to who we are and what we stand for, which is quite simply, the comment threads where they allow discussions to take place about the articles published on their websites.  Weather the articles are well intended and just misrepresent us or just outright lies by those who are trying to control us and hold us back, we need to have and maintain a consistent presence on the great number of websites that write articles about our movement.  We can streamline this process as follows:

1.  Develop a list of the websites that write about us on a consistent basis.

·         Compiled links should be easily accessed and located at a centralized place where all of us can find them.  This will allow us all easy access to the sites so we don’t have to search for them.

2.  Develop a centralized database of replies that are prewritten and worded intelligently and persuasively to express our true message to the greater world in a way that makes the people who write the articles seem like amateurs.

·         This will allow us to have readymade responses to quickly get our true message out and help us to control the debates that are happening around our articles.  Essentially we will be co-opting the media and piggybacking on them to get our true message to the greater public.  

·         The database should also allow for new responses to be added to it as the debates about us evolve, we will need to be sending new messages out to the public.

·         The database comments should control the various arguments that the media will use to label us as part of a Political party, labor organization, religious group, or past  or current socio political ideology.  We are people who are intending on changing the system, not fitting in with the current one.

3.    We should have a database of links which are related to various blogs and friendly websites which we can also post on the forums of the various websites writing about us to siphon the readers currently being misled by the different media outlets to the places they’ll receive the information we would like them to receive.

·         This will serve to wean people currently “controlled” by the mainstream media to websites that represent our perspectives, serving to inform them fully, and hopefully generating repeat visitors to “our” websites.

·         This could serve a great importance when damaging information is spread across the information super highway in an attempt to slander our movement.  An example would be when one of our own was accused of being paid to protest.  We could have had a YouTube linked response from that protestor denying any payment or involvement with unions and an explanation that he was misquoted. 

·         This method could also be used to drive traffic to websites which reflect our view on articles not directly related to the occupy movement, but affecting topics which are associated to our movement such as big oil putting on a fund raiser for the Democratic party or lack of funding for food but billions for war etc…

4.  Different individuals should be recruited to sign up to be the “moderator” of the various websites we will be targeting.  This is the divide and conquer part. 

·         These liberators from the conglomerated media stranglehold currently plaguing our society would be responsible for however many websites they can canvass successfully.  Every morning, the websites need to be checked and appropriate pre written comments and links to friendly websites should be posted.  I would suggest posting the links to friendly websites with a different user name than the one used for the comments as some websites do not allow links to be posted to their forums and ban users for doing so.  The websites should be monitored at various times throughout the day as well to further control the debate.

·         By dividing our resources to focus on the different websites,  the “liberators” will become more familiar with how the website operates, which writers are friendly to us, how to correctly post in the forums, and which other forum users are allies of ours and which are not, for whatever reason.  This can provide us other valuable information such as when one of these friendly or unfriendly reporters wants and interview with us, we can be better prepared for what to expect.  Also we will be able to gain insight into the tactics being used by the media and get a feel for the publics current sentiment regarding the occupy movement, which should help direct our strategic planning in the future.

·         The names moderators use should be positive, not aggressive or anti-social.  We are trying to grow and people are naturally attracted to positivity.

5.  Everyone should go to the different news sites and uptick the different comments posted by our “moderators” to ensure that our voice is heard, and looked at in a positive light.  The moderator’s names should be associated to the various websites they canvass and everyone in our group should have access to those names so 99%ers can easily find them and quickly make our comments the most popular opinions in the forums.

6.  Develop a campaign to completely discredit the current corporate funded media.

·         We need to undermine the current media by exposing the cycle where corporations fund the media, the same corporations then fund the politicians, who then at election time fund the media with the money from their coffers supplied by the corporations and show how this cycle takes the voice from the individual voters.

·         We also need to expose people to the fact that all media in our country is owned and controlled by very few individuals.  This in and of itself I see as a way of controlling the populace even after we institute complete campaign finance restructuring, therefore it is important to make this a focus of our information campaign. 

Next Steps:

1.  Research committee, I need very quickly a list of all websites, both here in Chicago, and across the entire nation which may have articles written about us.  In the name of efficiency let’s focus on the major ones first, and then we can focus on the more niche players, where we may find more strong and focused opinions which we will have to attack more aggressively, either one way or another.

2.  Tech Committee, I need to have the database I described developed to promote efficiency with this process.  This could be on the current, or possibly a Google group or Face Book group, whichever you think will serve us best.  We need to make sure that the access to the various responses are only available to the people involved so they are secure and the wording cannot be adjusted against us in whatever way.

3.  Everyone, volunteers who want to be on the front lines in the battle to inform the public of our cause of liberating the hearts and minds of the 99% everywhere who want to support us if they could only have their eyes opened to the true nature of our current system.  If we are to grow our movement, we need to reach out and not allow the current media structure to marginalize us as a group that “fits in with the current system”


David Krzesinski