Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Re: [Ows_solutions] Internet [FLO] SubGroups/ Objectives?
From: Ted Schulman
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2011 07:57:31 -0400
To: felipe ribeiro <>, OWS Solutions <>, Internet Working Group <>

Hi Felipe,

Sorry you missed the flo solutions meeting - flo meets at Charlotte's Place at 3:00 on most weekdays.

Over the past couple of days we have started to define and implement the beginning of a v-host data center that will be able to handle our hosting needs as the movement grows nationally and internationally. Discussion and planning of the system has been taking place at the flo meetings. 

We will be posting short term and long roadmap goals in the new nycga site over the next few days. We will also be adding additional collaborative functionally as quickly as we can.

I will be out of town most of today (Saturday) - will be back early evening.


On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 1:16 PM, felipe ribeiro <> wrote:
[this was posted to the internet working group, but is relevant here as well. Apologies to those getting it 2x]

Hey all,

I gather from this list that you are working hard on getting the MU WP
site off the ground but I'd like to ask if there is a place where
folks are posting what they are up to and how they need help? Without
this kind of a "map" it makes it difficult for folks to get involved.
Yesterday I went to Charlotte's place at 1pm, and didn't see anyone
from the IWG. Ditto for the FLO meeting, in theory held under the red
sculpture at 3.

I get that folks are working hard to get the new site up, I guess this
is a plea to put more time into directing people who want to get
involved on how to do so. For instance, who is currently dealing with
questions like these:

1) what mechanisms will be put in place to absorb suggestions from the
2) what collaborative document authoring protocols will be put in
place to allow for iteration?
3) how are we mapping identity, quantifying assent/dissent, and
encouraging/discouraging groupings of viewpoints?
4) in the case of wide-ranging discussion with sensitive topics, are
we allowing anonymity (encryption?) pros/cons?
5) what process is in place to allow a "meta" development of consensus
- agreement and voting/iteration of the norms of agreement itself,
therefore legitimating the outcome further?

If this movement is to attain critical mass, questions like these
should be being discussed openly. Since we're almost upon the 1 month
mark of the occupation, I wonder aloud where this discussion is
happening, and why it isn't being flagged, loud and clear, off the
main NYCGA website as either a subgroup of InternetWG, or a hybrid of
sorts with the FacilitationWG.  For a movement that depends upon
digital communication for survival, how is it that the conversation
about what the main platform will allow is obscure? I've only seen
Drupal vs Wordpress threads, but nothing regarding the intention of
the software, research pointing to best practices, etc.

If this is more of a FLO question, I'll post this there as well. I
guess the point is, I don't know where to go to find answers to these
questions within OWS, and this is frustrating because it amounts to
information hoarding, which is the opposite of transparency. Does it
matter that it's happening unintentionally?

MIC CHECK!! What groups are you a part of, when do you meet, and where
will you be posting this information so others can find it and join
you? (ie in addition to replies to this thread, which will be buried
and inaccessible to most b/c they won't know to look for it)

in the spirit of open collaboration,


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