Subject: wearethe152 - an appeal for common ground
From: weare the152
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2011 14:57:49 -0400

Hey Occupiers,

I was hoping you could read through this statement at

it's calling for common ground between right and left, just as OWS is beginning to take heat from conservatives. Why deal with paranoia and anger? let's disarm the hostilities, and plea for common ground. Tactically, strategically, and ethically - it's the best move.
please read and retweet widely if you agree!! Let's not waste energy fighting negativity, let's absorb our opponents, for our cause is ultimately justified, and has broad support.


-a part time occupier in Zuccotti
(I want to remain anonymous because I anticipate getting a lot of heat from the crazier side of the right wing, who will be furious that some Tea Partiers might actually agree with the message, and be willing to re-align according to the arguments I have made. That's why the associated twitter handle has no followers yet, either. Hot off the press!)