Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Production Overhaul Takeover
From: Andrew
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 16:01:40 -0400
CC: Vlad T <>,, Victoria Sobel <>, OWS Info Deck <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Andrew <>,,,,,,,,,


Thank you for being in the field yesterday while we held it down at Zuccotti. It was a calm and beautiful day of growth there.

1. WE NEED A CONCRETE PLACE/TIME FOR PEOPLE TO DROP FOOTAGE otherwise, NO WORKFLOW. Vlad are you offering the film team use of the livestream space and server or not?
2. A schedule of available edit areas.
3. I need a shooter for facilitation meeting and direct democracy training today, and/or tomorrow. Until the people learn direct democracy they will continue acting in favor of their own image. 
4. I revamped the Occupy Film Production Book
5. I updated the page
 I am proposing a coat/valuable check and seeing through the "internet cafe" promised by the open source folks so that all people can have a place to use computers. Finally security will be prohibited from preemptively guarding areas. 
6. Im proposing breakout time for everyone to focus for a few minutes on what they want to see in this group/our message.
7. When you know your meeting sched, and sched of available edit spaces I will update.
8. All these google docs etc will be phased out if we can help the internet (mtg today 5pm) and open source people find more programmers of wordpress and drupal. I'm asking them for an interface that allows visitors to enter their gear, skills and contact on the page. In the meantime, can outreach and info always keep our signup sheet with these categories and pass them to us to enter in the system?
9. All of our problems stem from having no good website and domain. We MUST think of taking NOW
10. in the mean time make some signs and VIDEOS that say
11. can someone add me to the pr-working-group google group? need developers, and then of course web app people.

THank you