Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Re: E-fundraising
From: Jake
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2011 23:13:52 -0700 (PDT)
To: internet working group

I think that there is a big difference between people within the GA
doing this kind of thing, and people on the outside doing this kind of
thing. If you're from the outside, this is community fundraising. Like
I said, it seems to me like it is the same as passing your hat around
at church or something. Maybe his donors wouldn't have given at all,
or even known about it if it wasn't for his outreach. Maybe they are
attracted to his earmarks for the money and would have been hesitant
to donate to the general donations link at NYCGA.

For all we know, anyone who makes a donation online could have
collected money first from friends and skimmed off the top. This is
between the independent fundraiser and their donators. If there were
fraud involved, I say we knock his kneecaps off. But if he's not
claiming to be us and not lying to anyone, while I may not approve of
or agree with what he is doing, I really don't see the problem, nor do
I see what business it is of ours, nor do I see what we can really do
about it, even if we decided we wanted to do something.

Regarding WePay, as of tonight, that is the same system we will be
using to process official online donations for now. So, in other
words, going straight to NYCGA is still going to WePay anyway.

Anyway, that is just one man's opinion of the situation. If you are
upset by it, though, and want to bring it up to Legal or Finance or
the GA, I don't think you need anyone's permission to speak up.


On Oct 15, 10:02 am, Tim Pool <> wrote:
Most of what you see is him appeasing us. It has been a struggle to get him
to change many things on the page, such as adding the NYCGA link

I also heard anonymous contacted him and told him to stop.

He told me in a message on facebook (which I'll gladly show anyone, and
already showed Hero) that he wants to set up 100 wepay pages.

My concern is stemming from his lies, his patchy approach to appeasing us,
the 8% cost, and the fact that if he does create 100 donation pages it will
donations, not only that but any money going to his page(s) are subject to
his 8% costs.

Are we ok with that? He can easily link ppl straight to NYCGA. Why bother
with wepay? In fact wepay alone takes 3.5% so then hes going to send that
96.5% to AFGJ
dont they take a cut too? Its needlessly diluting donations.

Would people be mad at me if I made a wepay to raise money and kept 8%?