Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Urgent Request: Please use this Toll-Free Number for Arrest Resources in NYC : 1(877)74.22.OWS
From: Emily Emery
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 15:17:17 -0700

Hi OWS Internet Working Group,

Here's a FREE interactive toll-free number that connects protesters directly to NYC legal resources if they're being arrested or witness police brutality.
Easier to write down 1 number on your arm than 6 and it's easy to distribute.  And better since the Tombs only has pay phones and cell phones might jam...  

If you dial +1(877)74-22-OWS, you're instantly connected to any of these:
Here's the info page:

The number is powered through Twilio, I'll pay the costs.  Will you 1) publicize it and 2) consider hosting the info page directly on the site?

Let me know if you're interested and any tweaks you want.  It can be immediately updated and expanded.  Is there a good time to talk, or please respond via email.

Will you be able to use this?

In solidarity,
Emily Emery
646 530 4568