Subject: RE: [NYCGA Internet] Question re: forums on new site
From: Jim Hines
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 09:01:34 +0800
To: <>
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Dear Dan,
I just joined this working group, but I think I made a mistake!  What I really want to support is the Entertainment Committee of this movement!
Further,  my situation is a bit problematic, since I reside in the PRC!  But I do so want to contribute to the OWS cause.  By profession I am a Quality Engineering Manager with two technical degrees; but after hours my second job is as English Teacher to over one billion of the world's finest people - the Chinese!
I believe that in order for a movement such as OWS to consolidate and expand its membership, there should be music and songs that support the message (a clear one!) of what the cause is all about.  You see, it's all about 'turning around the hearts & minds of people, regardless of their affiliations.  Sometimes, to be effective, this must be done surreptitiously.  (This just happens to be my unique specialty due to the education and training I received from my parents beginning at a quite young age.)
Well, I must say that I a bit ahead of this movement, since I started my resistance movement back in 2003 when the US wrongly invaded Iraq.  At that time it became quite clear to me that the US people were being deceived by the powers that be.  My frustration came in not knowing what to do about it.  But I am a fighter, as well as a lover, so I thought long and hard and came up with a scheme that solved the problem.
Therefore, in order to display my dissatisfaction with this, and other events, that have transpired since then, I came up with a 'fun' way to vent my frustrations.  These 'secrets' that I now use to raise the conscientiousness of my recipients (friends, family, select US government members of the Treasury Department, etc.) is based on nothing more than interpretation of my favorite music.  The interpretation comes in the form a high-quality, high-resolution MPEG-4 'music videos that I have created.
In the old days, music was used to rally the troops, inspire those who would otherwise be indifferent and send 'messages' about injustice, greed, etc., in a manner that was peaceful.  Now that we all have iPads, laptops, computers, etc., it's time we used this extremely powerful tool to further drive change down the throats of the Establishment that desires to keep it all theirs.
Now to 'cut to the chase', what I need is someone I can send one of my 64Gb USB drives with the majority of my over 1,200 inspiring music videos to; this being with the intention of having its content shared with others.
Due to the sensitive nature of what I freely offer OWS participants, I need to find someone I can trust and communicate with periodically to update the 'OWS ENTERTAINMENT DATABASE' - which I hope the Internet Working Group will see fit to establish free download links to.  Of course, this is only a suggested means of sharing this important motivational information that I've spend over seven man-years to create.
Since I've joined this group, I've received over 300 emails detailing communications within the group, but reading yours was the first inkling that there was someone within the movement thinking along the same lines as me.  Your attached country song does strike a nerve to our current-day situation - and I will even include my 'rendition' of it in my future releases!  (CAN YOU TELL ME THE TITLE OF THE SONG AND THE ARTIST?)
My first shipment of USBs will arrive from my supplier in Shenzhen early this week.  Upon delivery I will begin loading my MPEG4 music slide presentations to them.  Please don't discount the contents of what I propose to send you, since I've done so choosing what I believe to be only the very best sounds available today.  I am able to do this because I do live in a area where for some circumstances, the needs of the people still trump those of the profiteers!
So what I would need from you is very simple.  Just a name, mailing address and phone number.  I now have your name and phone number.  So a suitable mailing address that I could direct an EMS package to is all that is needed to receive my 'gift'.
I ensure you that you won't regret doing so.  For my style is that of a crazed DJ, with all the attendant disfunctionality and jocularity that comes with same.
Please help me to share OUR message with others.  The reward for doing so will become obvious immediately!  FOR YOU SEE, IT'S SIMPLY THE WORLD'S BEST MUSIC!!!!
I look forward to your favorable reply (with mailing address!) to this correspondence and wish the movement all the best as it continues to grow and take back what should have been rightfully ours all along!
Best regards,
Suzhou Lao Hong (a.k.a. James Harold Hines, Jr.)
Suzhou PRC          

Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 17:11:53 -0400
Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] Question re: forums on new site

This song was done 17 years ago and never been released I think its time to use it for the 99% Please give me your comments thanks Dan Kohrdt 1-530-990-5670
In a message dated 10/16/2011 1:00:01 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Hey Internet People,
I was wondering what the story is with the forum. I am trying to add
topics but am receiving and error that says the forum is not set up.
Are you folks in the process of setting up the forums for the group?
Is there an ETA on that? Thanks guys.