Subject: [NYCGA Internet] NYCGA 2.0 Daily Status Email - October 17
From: Tom Gillis
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 12:32:39 -0400
To: Internet Working Group <>, Drew H <>, Jake <>, "Dr.Ron Suarez" <>
CC: Joshua Whalen <>, Ted Schulman <>

Hi - I'm sending this to everyone who I've spoken to about setting up
the new site.  I'd like to run this email like a Scrum daily
stand-up meeting: we all go around the circle and briefly state what
we're working on (if anything), what our goal is for the day, and what
we lack to accomplish that goal.

I have set up code for on github.  Working on setting up a
local dev site today.  Jessica's Events code is merged into main repo.
 I'm assuming this means the site is "ready" to go.  Jessica and Jake
should check that they have

Need: (from Ron) an sql dump of the database (not direct copy of the
db)  - I posted instructions on basecamp.

Need: (from IT Team (joshua / ted) ) - ability to create some extra
virtual servers on Panix.  WP is a CPU hog and the database,
application, content cache, and datbase should be on separate boxes.

Am I correct that Drew or Jake control DNS for the / domain names - those will need repointing tomorrow night.

Goal: working dev site today, and installation package for other devs
to work locally on code.  working mirror of site on Panix server(s) by
mid-day tomorrow, with fully-updated content ready for a Tuesday night
(if lucky) or Wednesday launch.  I'd like for some ppl from Internet
Group to work with me on this tomorrow, after the general meeting.