Subject: [NYCGA Internet] hot button issue mini site
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 23:10:52 -0400

hi all -

A couple days ago someone on the occupytvny group sent out a link to a report on the lobby effort to pass a tax holiday to allow U.S. corporations to repatriate the $1.4 trillion they currently have stashed overseas in tax havens.

This struck me as a clear as day crystallization of the core issues of OWS, happening in plain site right now.  For people inside the movement who need factual ammunition, and for people hovering outside the movement who need to see some concrete examples to come on board, this is a perfect nutshell case.

As an experiment, we threw together a one page site consolidating news and resources about the issue

In particular there's a list of the leading corporations funding the lobbying, and a list of key lobbyists working on this scam, both of which would be great targets for direct action. In particular the lobbyists - I'd really like to take the fight right to these leeches.

Starting today we're going to start circulating this site to try to spread awareness of this issue and hopefully help block this from happening.  If this gets some traction, I'm thinking that a series of similar single-issue fact sheet sites on key OWS issues could be a useful campaign.

From the internet working group I'd love to get:
- feedback on this strategy in general
- any connection to Occupy DC peeps who can put this info to use on the ground there
- any connection to research wizards who can help upgrade the site with home addresses for the lobbyists