Subject: [NYCGA Internet] pm solution
From: Sam Boyer
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 12:29:02 -0700

i've seen buzz around a few different approaches to an online project
management tool, and i know that basecamp is being used to run the GA
site process for now, at least. i'm sittin here with my friend Ben and
really stymied by the lack of a solution we can reuse for various
different projects (such as the drupal/civi, and a drupal aggregation &
curation thing we're working on that i'll be emailing with more details
today). seems to us like the criteria to satisfy are as follows:

1. can support multiple projects at once
2. integrates easily with github
3. does all the basic stuff you'd expect a project tracker to do
4. is hosted by a group that's a part of this movement and trustworthy
5. has a good access control model that won't make it too onerous to
manage who can be on there - seems like it should be at least somewhat

so to that end, we're working right now with mayfirst to throw up with a redmine instance. literally right
now, it should be up and available shortly. we can always throw this all
out if it's not what folks need, but i'm trying to fill gaps as i see
them here, and this seems like one we have.

assuming we're all fine with that, it seems like the big discussion to
be had is just one about how public it is, what the process would be for
getting accounts, and norms/expectations around use in the shared space.
e.g., if we want to call a project into question, that's probably not a
discussion that should happen *inside* the project tracker, but within a
list. trackers are for getting shit done.