Subject: Re: [NYCGA Internet] New to the group - Please STOP using google groups
From: Chaz Cheadle
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 15:21:46 -0400

Can you clarify at all?
I think most of us feel in the dark here.
If a lot of people are working on a lot of things, is anyone coordinating that? We have heard only that things are being worked on, and despite repeated attempts of volunteers reaching out to get involved or offering services (such as WiFi in the park) it seems no help is needed.
If things are being worked on such as a group calendar, why has that not been brought up for collaboration or input on this list? Perhaps someone here on the list has a very good solution ready to drop in place on a WordPress site.
With no technology roadmap, people will keep asking about features, work will be duplicated, and opportunities will be missed.


On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 2:49 PM, Dr.Ron Suarez <> wrote:
Google Groups is only a temporary solution. A  lot of people are currently working on many new things we'll be announcing shortly.


On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 2:29 PM, Sam Boyer <> wrote:
> If you have a gmail address, I won't be emailing you.
a bit stronger than what i'd go with, but i REALLY agree with the
sentiment that i am deeply uncomfortable about using google groups for
this. riseup, something else - this is a known, defined problem space
with trustworthy solutions, folks.

On 10/16/11 10:07 PM, wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> I am Rojay, or Roger Marx Desenberg.
> I invented adwords, I own the patent US Patent 7,139,732
> and the copyrights.
> I have been in a legal battle for 12 years, and I am going to get what's mine.
> My life was stolen, my identity taken, and I have been broke for a long while.
> I have battled against federal and supreme court judges that are bribed, and my own attorneys who were bribed.
> 99% of google's money is from the illegal infringement and copying of my property.
> I am going to arrest the google boys now.
> The Revolution will be streamed.
> There are other systems, and it is very INSECURE to let the corporations know what we are all thinking on a minute to minute basis.
> BESIDES - using Google Groups REALLY hurst ONE member of Occupy Wallstreet (me),
> and I think everyone should be cared about. Me and you too.
> I propose we use something ELSE!
> I have three Internet servers, two web, one Oracle db server.
> I have coded in over 30 languages in my day.
> I have worked as lead architect for Delta Airtraffic controller systems,
> for Online banking for Bank of America
> at UPS headquarters leading mission critical info system projects.
> Hence, I may be able to help anyone in this group with computer stuff.
> But I don't KNOW everything!
> And as a matter of fact, i need a tomact/apache install expert who can make changes and recompile stuff - but that's another story.
> AND I HAVE A HUGE PROPOSAL that will change the Internet, and it's not that hard to implement.
> But I ain't talking about it over google lines.
> If you have a gmail address, I won't be emailing you.
> See you at Liberty Plaza!
> Rojay

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