Subject: Re: occupy across America
From: Press
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 12:44:30 -0400

This is wonderful! I am going to shoot this along to our Media, Internet, and PR teams.

PR Team
Occupy Wall Street:
New York General Assembly:

On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 12:35 PM, <> wrote:
Hi Occupy Wall Street,

To know what is happening across America, I've put together a combined rss
feed that updates as people add posts to their blog.

Please consider adding this rss feed to your sidebar:

There's a free phone Android phone app found at Market search for Occupy
America.  No ads are being displayed.

No revenue is being generated from this feed, I just am doing my part to
get the word out.

PS, This is what I noticed as I compiled this feed and looked at the feeds
from across America:

==>Occupy is all over America, even in Puerto Rico. (my fav is image 25).

==>Every group has its own voice.  This video caught my eye

==>All across America, only one city has the motif "End the Fed" as their
official FB image.  It seems most occupy groups know we need to ask for
"good government that works for us" rather than to "end the fed."

==> I felt this spoke to me, and I understood the movement in general.

Here's what I like there at Carson City:  "I see a lot of people still
confused, lets sum this up of what this movement is and is not:

1. This movement IS NOT about hand outs. We still believe in working for
what you earn, and that hard work pays off. That system only works given
an adequate amount of jobs to do so with wages that actually coincide with
cost of living.

2. This movement IS NOT to end corporations. Its to end corporate
per...sonhood, corporatism, to keep corporations out of politics, to limit
their financial contributions to elect the representative which will cater
to their (generally illegal) needs.

3. This movement IS NOT Anti-American. We care about this nation even more
than they do and that is why we are fighting to restore it. If we just
left it in the hands of those it's in now it would just continue to get

4. This movement IS NOT about anarchy. Somehow along the lines this turned
into the United Republic of America. We are not trying to overthrow the
government, but restore it back to its democratic roots.

5. This movement IS NOT affiliated with any known political party. Do not
let anybody trick you into thinking it is. This was started by the people,
for the people.

This movement IS about change. IT IS about correcting the corrupt. IT IS
about taking back what is ours. IT IS about the unjust discrepancy between
the rich and poor. IT IS you, IT IS me, IT IS America. At least 99% of us,
even more if you are only accounting for those who aren't congress or
their financial backers.

Last but not least IT IS going to work, so if you don't know you better
ask somebody" (end)

Thanks, I'm at 507-581-1119 if you have q's.  Hang tight.