Subject: Silent Debate Proposal
From: oliver ryan
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 22:52:33 -0400

Hi OWS Media, 

Oliver Ryan here, former Fortune journalist and Internet entrepreneur. Some friends and I would like to stage a silent debate at Liberty Park, and I'm wondering if we could work through your Working Group? Specifically, the Memphis-based owner of Silent Events, a pioneer of silent dance events, is willing to lend his technology to the cause. The gear consists of hundreds of wireless headphones, which we would distribute freely among those in occupation. Normally, the headphones are used to stage "silent discos" at festivals and parties all around the country — in which DJs play music and dancers dance with headphones, effectively dancing without making a sound. We see an ideal conversion of the technology for Liberty Park. We could set up a live debate area, and allow the discussion, carried on in normal voices, to be "broadcast" to people listening via the wireless headphones. This would be a nice supplement to the Public Microphone, which is wonderful for announcements and relatively simple discussion, but breaks down for more fast paced, back and forth. Our team could happily work as an extension of the Media group, and supply all the power and gear that we require. If you're interested, please shoot me an email, and I can provide more detail and get started on planning.

Many thanks, 
Oliver Ryan 

Social Workout Media 
M: 917.214.2073