Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Re: by the 1%!!
From: Daniel Levine
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 13:33:18 -0700 (PDT)
To: Global Revolution Media

who the f-- said they were a spokesman? I've been out of the loop,
trying to corral radio group and coordinate all the fragments there
of. Where can I follow this story?


On Oct 18, 12:02 pm, wrote:
 I think it is the most fascinating story we have this week/ever, that a website with the same name the people and the press use when referring to the people, occupy wall street, or st., of an egalitarian (or no?) Community would be controlled by under ...dare I say, 1% of the people??

You can all try going to Drew to be able to post on the front page of and and blog about this story.

If there was an offer, we all missed it. If there is an offer, I will gladly accept to admin one person from each working group for now. If all you're willing to do is link loud and clear, link it, possess the calendar and all working group pages, I accept. Also, our other future merger by the open source group. Why not go to more meetings folks?

Please official pr folks at, go to the internet and open source meetings and help with the transfer of this domain to the people (including you). Next: adbusters.

I can ask my press contacts to call for web developers and send them to the meetings so this thing gets done faster, and I agree although majestic, the layout and design of is rough around the edges at best. Design, have you been going to the internet and open source meetings? ;)

Also we are in dire need of a page that takes info and spreadsheets it, and an open source shift/task signup

Meantime I'm creating videos and coordinating education on direct democracy, because we all need it. Lend a hand if you can.


From this conversation:
Sorry but we don't have much room for mistakes like that. A final warning- I am unsure as  to whether it is healthy to have anyone like that around. NOONE - no more, no less ACCIDENTALLY calls themselves an official spokesman. As for the redirecting of payments- my legal 2 cents is that constitutes 2 felonies, at a minimum."

On the topic of the website and certain people unnamed referring to themselves as the official spokesperson or the "head of security" which I heard second hand being used.
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