Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] vibe at ows
From: Wh Ha
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 09:41:28 -0700 (PDT)
To: "" <>


i wanted everyone in the media group to be aware of Vibe, a relatively new and growing ios/droid publishing and communication medium.  it's based on posts that have a user selected broadcast range (from 150 feet to worldwide) and duration (from 15 minutes to forever) and that can be anonymous.

more than 8,000 vibe users are following or participating in occupations around the world, so it's probably worth the media group's attention.

people are using it for meaty discussion that's more akin to a blog/forum as vibe doesn't have twitter's 140 char limit and anonymity seems to be a plus.

would be good if media group members used it to disseminate ows news as appropriate (vibes can be auto-tweeted on iphone).  i know whoever last night vibed about the medical tent incident got some people to rush down there within minutes.

I'm also looking for volunteers to more regularly cover aspects of OWS daily life with me.

by way of disclosure, i'm involved in vibe's development and its inspiration came from a protest march earlier in the year.

you can download it for ios or android (beta) via this link:

holler back if you have any questions. 

thanks for reading.

white hat