Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Re: New IWG volunteer, 3 yrs experience, Wordpress/LAMP pro, looking to help - may not be able to meet you personally.
From: Jake
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 23:25:55 -0700 (PDT)
To: internet working group

J - thanks for coming on board and for our long phone conversation
tonight. See you tomorrow.

On Oct 17, 9:42 pm, J <> wrote:
Forgot to add - I have built a Wordpress site, on a LAMP-stack server,
from the ground up, for my current employer.  I integrated the content
from their old site in the process.  I have been managing it,
essentially solo, for said (international, ~60 person) organization
ever since.  In short - I have experience with the wordpress framework
from end to end.  Let me help you.

On Oct 17, 9:23 pm, J <> wrote:

Hi all.  My name is Justin, you can call me J.  I'm a web professional
(designer/developer/content editor/manager... I've had a lot of titles and
they're all a combination of accurate and misleading, I do a wide variety of
stuff.  It boils down to building, maintaining, and troubleshooting
websites.) who has been working for non-profits for the past three years.  I
went to OWS today for not the first time to finally officially volunteer.

I can only come to the park after my regular work hours, and I know the 'Net
Working Group tends to go offsite in search of more reliable internet, so it
may be tough to meet you in person.   Get to know me here!

It's my understanding there's a website launch project in the works - and I
am sure I can help with that.  Please let me know what's going on with it -
even if the answer is "Delayed because we have to make tough decisions" -
because whatever it is, I can help.  

If you have requests for help you can reply here or give me a link to a
previous thread.  If you wanna get to know me, I'll be glad to reply and get
to know you.