Subject: [NYCGA Internet] Re: SEO Report cont..."Call to Action" Keywords
From: zack kapone
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 21:23:44 -0700 (PDT)
To: internet working group


To make sure we are on the same page...When you search for "Occupy
Wall Street" on Google, is ranked #1 and the
is ranked #66. I don't have Analytics for NYCGA but I think it's safe
to say that on page 7 of the search results, the NYCGA site is not
getting too many new visitors via Google search. So, we need a tab on (which catches all of the newbie traffic) and sends
them to the appropriate page on NYCGA.

NOW, as for the appropriate page that the tab links
to...I've seen the new NYCGA and IMO the Groups page is the best
landing page for a new visitor who wants to get involved. However, a
new "Orientation Page" could do a much better job at this. LETS DESIGN
ONE!! Once the new site is up tomorrow, take a look and let me know
your thoughts and I will wire frame an orientation page. In the
meanwhile, hopefully Justine can get us a new "JOIN US!" tab linking
to the groups page until we can roll out a better one.


On Oct 18, 11:54 pm, wrote:
hi Zach -

This is super insightful, thanks!  I think that you're analysis is  
spot-on: I have frequently heard that for people who can't interface  
in person at the park, it is very difficult to use the site to learn  
how to take the next step to become involved.

The current site nav has pages for Groups and Resources which (aside  
for Donate) are the sections positioned to engage people looking to  
plug in.  But these pages are a couple steps ahead of where the new  
visitor is - they're looking to get involved, to learn more, they're  
not yet looking for a group or for resources.

So I agree that the site would better support outreach by adding an  
intuitive entry point for for "Join" or "Get Involved" or "Take  
Action" that will provide more of an orientation before dumping people  
into groups.

Is something like this provided for in the new site IA?

- Sam

Quoting zack kapone <>:

Thank you all for your feedback on the SEO report I did. I will make
my best effort to create the same report every Sunday for the prev
week and I will take into account your requests for top content,
bounce rate, time on site, etc...As for the missing keywords, I left
them out because there was nothing really interesting there. I will
however provide a full list next time. Also, I was not pleased with
the report's formatting here on Google Groups so I will be linking to
the report on a Google spreadsheet.

Sam had a great question on "call-to-action" keywords (Donate, Join,
Help, Contact...) Well, here's the data:


"Donate to Occupy Wall Street"
Rank: #1 - Lands on our Donate page        (
Past mo Traffic: 2781

"Join Occupy Wall Street"
Rank: #1 - Lands on Home Page (
Past mo Traffic: 1485

"Help Occupy Wall Street"
Rank: #1 - Lands on Home Page
Past mo Traffic: 1305

"Contact Occupy Wall Street"
Rank: #1 - Lands on Home Page
Past mo Traffic: 1035

Here's what we can take away from this: Because we have so many strong
organic links to, ranking for our own terms can
sometimes be fairly easy. Because of that (and other reasons) we've
been able to raise some serious cheese through the Donate page.
However, for people looking to volunteer, join, help, contact us
etc...the "conversion" funnel is a bit jammed up.

In my opinion, The "NYCGA" tab on is insufficient as
a means to bring people in. I think we need a more clear call to
action. I propose a new tab on which says "JOIN US!"
and links to the groups page on the GA site:

On Drew's suggestion, here is a mockup I did to communicate this

What do you guys think?

I have CC'd Justine in on this as well.