Subject: Occupy Wallstreet media help
From: Nathan Arroyave
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 04:48:52 -0500
To: "" <>

     First, I would like to applaud Everyone who has stepped forward, taken sacrifices, and have fraught for their right as an individual and the rights of the 99%. For this, they have inspired me to want to become one of them, and to promote change for this country and those other countries around the world. 
     As I read and listen to news coverage of occupy Wallstreet, I notice the news coverage is not as strong as it should be. Their is not many individuals that go on news shows and talk shows to help spread the message. We need some one who is willing to give it all, to go out and take the stand form the streets to the national and world news. Someone that is willing and effective at doing this will grow the movement even faster. 
     I'm asking for the person to be me. I have attended and participated in many debates in high school, college, and even at the local government level. I have studied and watch film of the most influential speakers, such as John F. Kennedy, Marther Luther King jr. And Muhammad Ali. I am know for my smooth and great public speaking. Since I was a kid I have traveled the world and learn many different cultures, and on the way they view our country. I fell with that experience I could connect with them and help this great movement grow in America and all across the globe.  

If there is anything I could do to help any news coverage please let me know ASAP. During today I will be also emailing the direct action committee to seek information and support to start a rally in Chicago hopefully bring it to ether Wallstreet or ether Washington as a national march. Because I believe as a mass movement we would gather more news coverage, and we would be stronger and more effective as a hole. 

Hope to get in contact with someone shortly as I hope to start this journey as soon as possible.

You may contact me at this email address

     Or contact me by phone at (815) 218 1777

 Ps if you wish to contact me by phone and I don't answer please leave a message. And I would be able to get back to you with in an hr. 

Also I would be more then happy to produce a short video to showcase my speaking ability

Once again thank you and I hope I can join this great movement soon.  
Nathan A. Arroyave