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Kudos to OccupyLA!


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Hello all,


I wanted to pass along some preliminary advice  from our InterOccupation Communication field reports.  Please take the time to do the field report in your occupation attached here

(interview 10-15 individuals if you can).  This information will be vital to the success of all occupations.


So, it seems that the success of the LA camp has a lot to do with reaching out to the city council early with a clear message that our occupation will remain peaceful, but that we are not leaving until there is justice for those who caused the financial crisis. The LA site also attends city hall meetings and participates in politics in order to get politicians to stop doing business as usual.  This has been very effective and has contributed to a relaxed atmosphere on camp.  Our civic engagement committee helps our occupiers know the rules of city hall so that we can be effective at sustaining camp.


For the San Diego occupation, relations with the city council do not exist they are experiencing police pressure to leave.  Know your city ordinances about camping and squatting  and reach out to sympathetic legal advice. As well, when they took up their site they did not expect the large homeless population who have needed medical care and food. As a result, the medical tent spends most of their time caring for this population who have been denied access to medicine and food for so long.  In LA, the homeless have been given tents and sleeping bags and spend the night in the occupation, but we have many more resources than smaller sites.


So, keep these pieces of advice in mind as you or friends start up new sites!






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Successful beginning to operations in lonely Perth Western Australia.


A good 250 peeps showed up for initial General Assembly, getting ready to Occupy city centre for 28th October when CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government) and the Queen comes to town.  


Big splash planned for this, the media spotlight of the world may just pause on us for a moment.


Peace all!



Occupy Perth


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