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Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 18:46:18 -0700


So the thing to realize is that there are a number of perspectives running in parallel, and the discussion your participating is useful because it reaches a large number of people "on the ground now" as well as the growing pool of volunteers and people monitoring what is going on, online.

Right now when you are inerfacing with people on the ground there in NYC, they are all about the task at hand, and how to get it done. IMHO you should jump in and help them get that done, help establish the domain and enterprise architecture discussion as you go without delaying the delivery of tasks at hand.  There are very specific tools that the "do-er's" are knee deep in "getting done" because of running commitments for getting tools needed now.  

1/2 of strategy is understanding what is coming online now.  These folks are focused on exactly what is coming out of the working groups/ga and the interfaces that are there, as the next generation of website tools are completed the transparency will be there, as well as the ability to scale participation.  As the scope grows to more global audience for the tools, it will become necessary for everything to be considered that has been discussed to date.

Right now they struggle with needing face to face interaction, but as the initial infrastructure release comes online, the ability to start meaningful, persisted discussion on the expansion of the working groups to a truely online model will need to take place.  One where the activities are supporting the movement at a more global scope as an extension of the operating model that is being established there, and across all the movement sites coming online that have yet to reach out and establish contact.

By nature of the distributed model that is emerging... there will be a transition from the current ground centric planning to more online focus to persist the movement for the longer term.  Winter is coming.

Bear with the evolving nature of things, all things considered there will be a need for most everything that has been discussed to date, and it will take a large number of volunteers to be able to get this done... Ultimately the namespace and structure will be something that evolves as well for how the groups define and services are delivered to the GA/Workgroups.

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Subject: [NYCGA Internet] WTF Digital Strategy and IWG tonight....
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Date: Tue, October 18, 2011 1:16 pm
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Hey all,
On Sunday evening I spent four hours with many wonderful folks. What I thought we accomplished was the creation of four taskforces, and the start of work on each of them. Most of the work of IWG is connected to the development and management of the new website, but my heart was invested in finding or creating a forum for ‘digital strategy’ that addresses non website issues.
On Sunday night, I thought we had succeeded. Today, after talking to Devon about my interests and attending a meeting of the FLO/Solutions Working Group, I understand more AND I’m also more confused. I’m hearing, more or less, that a meeting of a group to come up with goals/solutions/plans addressing digital strategy are moot because ‘someone just needs to go to the Outreach WG and figure out with them what they need from FLO/Solutions and then go to lots of other groups and work it out.’
And indeed, someone is doing that, and it doesn’t include a stop at the IWG or the Digital Strategy meeting later this evening.
So I’m torn between following this someone around (trying to come up with solutions for ‘what mass lists should exist for email? What should they say? Who should decide? How does it get managed and integrated with social media and the needs of all WGs?’) and returning to the IWG meeting. I mean… imagine that the Digital Strategy group comes up with some great ideas in four days, only to discover that two empowered individuals have it ‘all taken care of’ by making the rounds of ‘the folks that matter’?
For me, this raises all kinds of questions about transparency, accountability, democracy and efficiency. But then, I’m a bureaucrat at heart who likes to know precisely what the right process is for any activity. #OWS is kind of challenging….
So it’s 4:15 and I don’t know how best to plug in my expertise – after a few weeks of meetings and personal conversations. Everyone I speak with affirms that it’s like this ‘for everybody.’ Not sure where I’ll be at 5pm and 7pm.